Is Flight Club Legit? Here Is All You Need To Know About Flight Club

Published on: January 3, 2024

Last Updated on: April 27, 2024

Is Flight Club Legit? Here Is All You need to know About Flight Club

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Is Flight Club Legit?

We did a little research and asked around some buyers and sellers, and this is the answer we got: yes, it is legit! This online store is what they say it is. People who love to collect sneakers, rare shoes, and limited editions love to shop on Flight Club.

If you are a fan of street clothing or want to buy genuine sneakers, try out Flight Club. But many new buyers and sellers do have some doubts about Flight Club. If you are one of them, keep reading to learn about Flight Club.

What Is Flight Club?

Flight Club, an online retail store, started through the hands of John McPheters and Darren Romanelli in 2005. The duo formed this online retail store for people who love sneakers.

They generally deal with hard-to-find sneakers and sneakers of popular brands (ones that are hard to find). Buyers do not need to worry about finding the wrong products or one with quality issues. Furthermore, the platform has a strict quality check process thanks to its dedicated team of experts who sort out the fake and real products.

So, is Flight Club Legit? Yes, it is as legit as the light of the day. They have real stores located in New York, LA, Miami, and in Tokyo. Buyers can find rare shoes from brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Jordan.

How Does Flight Club Work? 

In simple words, Flight Club works as a mediator between buyers and sellers who want to deal in sneakers. Also, many users often want to sell their rare and branded sneakers that buyers all around the world are looking for.

However, the product goes through several steps before it is listed for sale. A seller can list their shoes on the platforms for sale. But they have to authenticate the item, for which the seller has to send it to their retail outlet. Flight Club has a team of experts who quality check the items and find out if they are authentic or not. Once the item gets authenticated, it gets shipped to the buyers.

Flight Club offers both pre-sell authentication and post-sell authentication. However, post-sell authentication would lengthen the delivery time. On the other hand, pre-sell authentication helps sellers get better pricing.

The platform follows a consignment model. They sell used shoes from independent sellers who are looking for buyers looking to purchase them. The shoes include collectibles as well as ones from authorized sellers.

Is Flight Club Legit? 

Yes, Flight Club is a legitimate website for buying and selling rare sneakers. In addition, it has been one of the most trusted platforms for dealing in sneakers for the last two decades. Of course, there are worthy competitors in the market. However, Flight Club has made a reputation for itself for different reasons.

Their inspecting mechanism is worth appreciation. It ensures that the products are legit and of high quality. More so, the buying and selling process is pretty smooth and transparent. Both buyers and sellers can expect fair pricing on this platform.

Additionally, both sellers and buyers have peace of mind when it comes to buying and selling on this platform.

Here is why Flight Club is legit –

  • Flight Club has been trading shoes for more than 15 years. Its reputation is built on top of its years of trading.
  • There are three physical stores located in some of the largest cities in the world.
  • They verify all the merchandise before accepting them in-store.
  • They also sell genuine products.

Flight Club Shipping Costs 

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, you must know the shipping charge related to sales on this platform. Here is list –

Country/StateShipping Costs
USA (except Hawaii & Alaska)$14.50
Hawaii & Alaska$15
Expedited Shipping U.S$27
International Shipping$40

Flight Club Return Policy 

Flight Club has a stringent policy for refunds and exchanges. Most importantly, the buyers can contact the Flight Club support team if there is an issue with their purchase. For example, if you have received the wrong product, you can request their support team for solutions (return and refund).

It is wise to check different parameters like the size, color, and quality of the products before you place your orders. You must also know that Flight Club does not offer free refunds. So, be very careful before you place an order.

Tips For Flight Club Buyers

Here are several tips for the Flight Club Buyers —

  • You will avail of free shipping if you purchase $100. So, it is best to buy products in bulk.
  • There are many limited-time sales and discounts on the platform. Besides, you can leverage that and buy products for lower prices.
  • Flight Club Support is always available to help you solve all your queries. You can take advantage of it for a better buying/selling experience.
  • Ensure the product and the seller are available before you hit the purchase button. It would be helpful if you did a little research about the previous purchases and quality reviews by buyers.
  • You will only get the best pricing by negotiating before you make an offer.
  • Wait to remove the official hang tag of Flight Club instantly. This will be helpful if you want to return the item and get a refund.
  • It is best to stay updated with the latest return and refund policies.

Flight Club Pros & Cons 

Here are some pros of using this platform –


  • The platform has been around for a long time. So, it is pretty reliable. You can go ahead and purchase the product you want.
  • They have a reputation thanks to a strong customer base who are willing to buy from them.
  • Do you change your mind too often? If you want to pull out a product from the platform, you can before selling it on Flight Club.
  • They have trained experts who can distinguish between real and fake sneakers.


  • The platform has high selling fees. You will be charged 9.5% and an extra $5 for each sale you make.
  • The payment options are limited to PayPal and Bank transfer.
  • Some complaints from employees provide negative feedback about the platform.

Bottom Line 

So, is Flight Club Legit? Yes, it is legit. You can sell your old sneakers here for a price. Also, shoe collectors would love to use this brand of shoes. There are lots of options to find here. On top of that, as one of the oldest websites for used shoe trading, Flight Club is reliable among thousands of users.

So, if you think of selling or buying shoes from here, you won’t be disappointed. Hopefully, you have found the answer you were looking for.

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