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Everything You Need To Know About Keyme Locksmith

By Shahnawaz Alam

February 23, 2023

Keyme locksmith

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How many times has it been that you have lost the key to your apartment? Life is busy, and it is difficult to keep track of everything – even the keys to your apartment. That is when you feel like you need to visit the locksmith and get another pair of keys made.

If making spare keys is on your mind, then it is good thinking. However, finding the best locksmith in town is challenging. KeyMe Locksmith, an automated key duplication service, is here to help. They have automated machines placed in different locations.

KeyMe Locksmith works either as a delivery service or through the kiosks. So if you are having an urgent situation, KeyMe Locksmith either posts you the duplicate key you asked for, or you can go to one of the kiosk where you can get a copy within 30 seconds.  

In this article, I have discussed the concept of KeyMe Locksmith, how it works, and How long does KeyMe take for your great knowledge.  

I have also discussed the pros and cons of the KeyMe Locksmith for your understanding.    

What Is KeyME Locksmith?

KeyMe locksmith calls themselves  “locksmiths in a box.”  they provide automated key duplication near you when you need one. The company was founded in 2012, offering easy key duplication in different parts of the US. Their services are available in Maryland, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C.

If you want to save a trip to your locksmith and make a duplicate key on the spot, then KeyMe Locksmith is a good option. They have a very simple and convenient method allowing them to make spare keys for your car,  your apartment, business, store, or anything similar.

Not only that, but they also allow you to make spare copies for your RFID key cards and Key fobs. These systems use radio waves for reading and storing information on a tag. However, if you want a key duplication, you can keep KeyMe as an option.

Other than that, the KeyMe Locksmith also helps you to create duplicate copies of your RFID keys and Key fobs. KeyMe devices use radio waves to store and read pieces of information from a specific tag.  

Depending on the location where you live or work, your apartment, and your work building, RFID tags can help you have access to certain areas.  

How Does KeyMe Locksmith Work?

The KeyMe locksmith uses a combination of a mobile application and a kiosk. This combination helps you generate a duplicate key within a fraction of a moment. So, how do they work? Here is how –

How Does KeyMe Locksmith Work

KeyMe basically scans your key at the kiosk. When the machine is done scanning your key, you can choose whether to store it or make a copy of it.  

Now if you are planning to store the scan for future, you can just go ahead and download the KeyMe applications. There you continue by creating a profile before proceed with the following steps:  

Before learning how long does KeyMe take, here are the six steps that you need to know if you are planning to get a duplicate of your key with KeyME Locksmith.  

1. KeyMe kiosks can be found in various locations in the USA. you can simply or even click on the kiosk tab on the application. 

2. If you are planning to go and take the duplicate later, you will first need to create a profile on KeyMe.  

You can also go to the kiosk for the duplicate keys which does not require any kind of logging in to your account. But in that case, your scan will be saved for future use.  

3. After that, you can choose the key type (standard, vehicle, or specialty) based on your necessity.  

There are several KeyMe kiosks that also offer you services for making duplicates of RDIF badges.  

4. Once you have selected the key type, insert the key into the machine until it finishes scanning it.  

5. If you have logged in to their application, you may be able to store your key without purchasing it. The Kiosk also allows you to change the key name at your convenience. 

You can also change the key name from the application if you log in to your account on the KeyMe application.   

6. Lastly, place the order. However, this step is optional for different keys. 

You can get a duplicate of your standard almost immediately. But for Specialty keys, RFID, and vehicle keys, they deliver them to your location within three to five days.  

While placing the order, you can also set up a fingerprint for your account for security purposes. However, it is only sometimes necessary.  

Notes: You can scan and store your key on the KeyMe system for free. If you are willing to copy the key, then only you to make the payments.   

How Long Does KeyMe Take?

The entire process of making keys with KeyMe Locksmith usually takes about 15 minutes.  

This 15-minute time includes your log-in time, scanning, and saving the scan.  

The KeyMe kiosk also offers great customer service if customers face any issues. Customers can complain and ask for assistance at their customer service number or via email.  

KeyMe Locksmith App

Apart from learning How long does KeyMe take, we also need to have a brief idea about the application.  

The KeyMe app uses cloud storage to store a code as the information related to the key. Using this stored code or information, the app users can get instant duplication of their keys. Users can also share the code with someone who needs to make a spare key of the same lock using KeyMe Locksmith.

Pros And Cons Of Using KeyME Locksmith

There are both pros and cons to using a KeyME locksmith for creating a spare key. Here are the pros you need to know about –

KeyMe Locksmith Pros:

  • The KeyMe locksmith makes key copies instantly. Compared to other automated key generators that take around 15 minutes to make a key, KeyMe Locksmith makes the process instantaneous.
  • You can use this app to cut a new key whenever you want.

KeyMe Locksmith Cons:

Compared to the level of their pros, KeyMe has more cons. One of them is that – they don’t always offer optimal-quality key copies. Some keys don’t fit the lock properly. However, there are more pressing matters you need to know regarding KeyMe cons –

  • Since the process does not take long, anyone with even limited access to your key can make a duplicate anytime they want. Also, cloud storage systems are prone to hacks, and many can exploit the information related to your keys to make a copy.
  • Keyme takes no responsibility regarding the activities on your application. When you use the machine to make a copy of your keys, they ask you for an email address, password, and fingerprint. However, their terms and conditions clearly state that they are not responsible for any activity occurring with the account. Also, the users are responsible for the security of their passwords and information.
  • They cannot copy all keys. Keys made by companies other than Kwikset or Schlage cannot be copied using the KeyMe Locksmith machine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are some popular questions people ask about KeyMe Locksmith. You might find the answers useful.

1. Is KeyMe Safe To Use?

Ans: No, services such as KeyMe are not completely safe. They store digital copies of your keys on cloud storage. If such information were to leak or stolen, it could cause catastrophic security issues. Also, they make duplicates instantly. This means anyone who has your keys for 15 minutes or so can make a copy.

2. What Kind Of Keys Can KeyMe Make?

Ans: KeyMe can make different types of keys including – home keys, office keys, mailbox, vehicle keys, RFID tags, etc. They offer a varied set of options for duplicate keys.

3. Who Owns Keyme Locksmith?

Ans: Greg Marsh is the founder of KeyMe Locksmith. He is the current owner of the company.

Bottom Line

Although some pros are there, KeyMe is still one of the best in making keys instantly.  But, if you want a satisfying service, visiting a Locksmith could be the best option. They can generate key replacements from a wide range of manufacturers. Locksmiths also don’t save your info or password. So you can rest assured about your privacy.

I hope this article will help you get an idea of  How long KeyMe takes, how it copies or stores your keys along its pros and cons.  

This review was helpful. However, please contact us in the comment section if you have any queries.

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