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Sky Zone Review: User Review, Business Turnover, Rating, Prices

Published on: December 7, 2022

Last Updated on: April 14, 2023

Sky Zone

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Sky Zone is a place to have fun with different attractive, fun activities like Free Style jump, Foam zone, Sky Ladder, Sky slam, Dodge ballgames, etc. You can have a real-life escape from worries and totally lose yourself in the fluffy and bouncy funny place of sky zone in Hyderabad.

The Trampoline Park at Hyderabad Sky Zone is an attraction to many. So, if you are planning to go there and “probably” searching “sky zone near me,” then reading this review would help.

Here is your personal guide to Sky Zone. Here you will learn about the place and what to expect upon your arrival. So, if you are ready, let’s get started.

About Sky Zone

Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Hyderabad is a popular business in the Trampoline Parks. The place offers you the opportunity to have a good time this weekend. The trampoline park offers childlike fun that bursts your stress bubble breaking you away from your daily monotonous schedule.

You can play exciting games and have fun at the different corners of the park. For example – Free Style jump, Foam zone, Sky Ladder, Sky slam, Dodge ballgames, etc., will keep you occupied and stress-free.

The place is super fun. People who have been there usually share their experiences of having a good time. However, some of the visitors are also dissatisfied with the place. Here is a review to help you find out more –

Sky Zone Activities 

You can completely let go of gravity and spend some time in the air at the sky zone freestyle jump corner. The wall-to-wall trampoline courts let you lose gravity like nothing else. You can bring out the acrobat in you here by jumping and flipping to new lengths. 

Sky Zone Activities

1. Sky Slam

If you want to dunk like the pros, then you should probably check out the sky slam part of the Sky Zone Trampoline. They have hoops of different heights that can accommodate you irrespective of your height. 

2. Dodgeball Unlimited

Have you ever dreamt of playing dodgeball, where you literally fly? Yes, both you and the dodgeball fly. You can jump and swerve to avoid the ball and get the feeling of flying as you play dodgeball.It is fun and exciting.

3. Foam Zone

The Sky zone has the best foam zone where you can push, evolve, and fly. You can practice your daring stunt and dive straight into a pool of huge pool of foam. The foam is so soft that it feels like a cloud.

4. SkyHoops

Ever dreamt of taking the classic arcade game into the sky? Well, that is what the SkyHoops is all about. You will try to block the shots of your friends while they try to block yours.

5. SkyJoust

It is funny how Sky Zone has given a sky-related name to every one of their funny trampoline games. SkyJoust is gladiator-style combat; It takes place on pedestals over a pit of foam or airbag.

6. Drop Zone

Do you dream of falling from high and landing softly and safely? It seems Sky Zone can make that dream a reality. You can try out new tricks, pose in the middle of the air, and land safely after having the biggest air.

7. Sky Line

All you need to do is keep your balance on the skyline as you stand on its thin line. You can try and balance your way across the entire way. But don’t mind falling. Even if you fall, you can get back up.

8. Other Attractions

Aside from the ones I mentioned here, Sky Zone has plenty of fun activities that attract. Here, to name a few –

  • Sky Ladder
  • Warped Wall
  • Free Climb
  • Ninja Warrior Course
  • Challenge Zone
  • Toddler Zone
  • Air Court
  • Drop Slide 

These, too, are super fun activities. You can have plenty of fun at Sky zone. You can come when you want, or you can come every day. They have different parties and programs ready for you. You can even pay for a subscription and come when your heart desires.

Sky Zone Tickets

You can bring your birthday party to Sky zone and have some fun with your friends. Be it your team gathering, sweet 16, or any other important occasion; you can bring your friends here to have fun together. Usually, they will charge you for the tickets. However, if you want flexible timing with those jumping games, you can do so through Sky Zone membership. They have basic and elite memberships you can subscribe to.

Or, you can buy an open jump ticket. The time is available during normal operating hours, and they welcome people of all ages. But, if you are under 18, you have to get your waiver signed by your parents. You can opt for three types of tickets –

  • 90 minutes – 4 & Under Admission
  • 120 minutes – 4 & Under Admission
  • All day pass – 4 & Under Admission

You might have competition on the busy weekends. So, it is best to reserve your spot online and get your waiver signed beforehand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

You might love to read the answers to these questions here –

1. What Is The Youngest Age For Sky Zone?

You can come to the sky zone irrespective of your age. Yes, you feel free to feel like a kid again here at Sky Zone. But, each participant is required to have liability waivers. Those under 18 need to get it signed by their parents.

2. Where Is The Biggest Sky Zone?

Sky Zone at Liberty Tree Mall is the largest indoor trampoline park. It has a large facility spanning over 43,000 square feet. They have an ample amount of jumping space where many people can have fun and jump around at the same time.

3. Who Is The CEO Of Sky Zone?

Jeff plat is the CEO of Sky Zone, and he has been in that position since 2004.

Final Words 

While many visitors to this Trampoline park have shared having a good experience, some also did not like the experience. Some have reported a lack of assistance from the staff. Some even said they were ripped off. However, the place is fun to spend your time at. 

Did you find this short review helpful? Please let us know if you have any further queries. We will answer as soon as possible. 

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