Where Do Expatriates Prefer To Live In Dubai?

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The popularity of Dubai as a place for permanent and temporary residence has long been known. The United Arab Emirates has been a magnet for highly qualified foreign specialists for many years. Of course, the issue of accommodation is an important factor when living in Dubai

You can buy villa in Dubai Hills, or opt for an apartment in Burj Khalifa. Either way, Ax Capital agency will help you find perfect housing that will meet all your demands. What areas do expatriates prefer to choose? 

Want to know about, living in Dubai cost? Dubai is one of the most expensive cities to live in among the top 30 destinations. So make sure that you are not getting anything with a low budget, but you will get the living places at affordable rates.

1. Dubai Creek Harbour

Dubai Creek Harbour

First of all, it is worth highlighting the Dubai Creek Harbour community, located near the reserve. It is noteworthy that this area attracts both those who are looking for offers to rent housing and the real estate buyers themselves. 

The demand for Dubai Creek Harbour is even noted in the ranking of popular areas – it took an honorable second place.

This area can be called one of the flagship projects brought to life by the joint efforts of Emaar Properties and Dubai Holding. Residents can enjoy a magnificent coastline surrounded by artificial lagoons. It is here that luxury and tranquillity are combined, bordering on the best lifestyle while you are starting to live in Dubai.

This area has a high level of popularity due to the excellent views of the lagoon or the city skyline. According to developers, it is planned to bring to the market more than 6,000 units of finished real estate.

2. New Residential Complex In Palm Jumeirah

The famous palm island of Palm Jumeirah is known for various ambitious projects. It became known that soon there will be a new residential complex, whose total cost will be USD 410 million.

This project will be implemented by one of the largest developers – Arada. The company is currently finalising a deal to purchase a coastal property on the island that was formerly owned by general developer Nakheel. The cost of the transaction amounted to USD 65,34 million.

  • The total area of ​​the site, which will be allocated for construction, is 20,500 square meters. This is where the new ultra-luxury residential complex will be located.
  • According to the developer’s expectations, the first off-plan sales are planned to begin in the third quarter of 2022.

Developer Arada CEO Ahmed Alhoshaibi said they had secured the last beachfront property on Palm Jumeirah. “Moreover, our company was chosen among many competitors who also applied for it,” said the CEO.

It is noteworthy that earlier, the Arada developer specialized in the construction of residential real estate in Sharjah. And it is this project that will be an excellent start if you want to enter the Dubai real estate market.

3. Al Barsha

Al Barsha is one of the most preferred places to live in Dubai. This is not only the best place to live in. This is the place where most of the citizens like to spend their days. Al Badshah’s location is outstanding. Al Barsha is in the stone-throwing distance from the Media City, Emaar business park. 

That is not only the best place to live in. This is the best suitable living place for business ventures. You will get all the modern-day’s facilities and living facilities for all the citizens. You will also accumulate semi-detached villas and apartments to live in.

Al Barsha is a perfect living place for the people who like to spend their days with lots of happiness. This is also a very attractive shopping center.

So if you are planning to move, you must add this place’s name to your preferred location. The indoor cinemas to indoor ski slopes and modern-day adventure sports facilities are available here.

4. Real Estate In Dubai

Real Estate In Dubai

Experts believe that now is the best time to invest in Dubai housing, thanks to the peak rates of growth in the capital value of some properties. The country’s real estate market is currently gaining momentum thanks to a surge in rents and capital values in the luxury housing sector. 

Despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic, there are plenty of optimistic real estate market forecasts. What is the cost to live in Dubai?

This cost is entirely spent on your location’s selections. But downtown living costs are pretty costly to live in.  Hence outside areas are not so costly to live in.

Buying a property in Dubai is an excellent way of investing or moving to one of the most prosperous cities. If you are looking for the best property, please contact Ax Capital agency: their staff will help you find the most attractive properties.[1] 


All of these places are the most preferred places to live in Dubai. If you are currently planning to shift to Dubai. Then you can pick all of these places in your preferred lists. Most of the real estate places in Dubai are loaded with luxury amenities and all modern-day facilities.

So you do not have to think about the enjoyment and the modern-day facilities. You can pick any of the locations and taste the luxurious flavors of Dubai.

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