Macropay’s Adam Clarke and What Sets CEOs Apart

Adam Clarke

Adam Clarke, founder and CEO of the fintech services firm Macropay, gave four important points that can help aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their goals and be successful in their business endeavors.

Having years of experience leading payment services firms through various tough situations, Adam Clarke is an expert on the subject and wanted to share his knowledge with leaders who are just starting out.

According to the Founder and CEO, knowing these insights provides top executives an advantage over their competition.

Adam Clarke on What Sets CEOs Apart

Clarke highlighted that there are several important traits that will help CEOs become successful.

This includes being decisive and confident when it matters, actively engaging and listening to the team, stakeholders and staff, and adapting to changes and seizing opportunities.

Apart from these three, Clarke also shared that producing results and being reliable is one of the most critical factors that make or break a company.

1. Being decisive and confident

Of all the assets in the world, the most valuable is time. Clarke recognizes this and suggests that if CEOs want to set themselves apart from others, they should value decisiveness. He noted that “overthinking is one of the biggest things that CEOs should not do because it leads to inaction.”

The Macropay CEO highlighted that while strategy is good, the results often vary. Clarke mentioned that action often leads to better results than just staying still and being unable to make a call.

He said that this sometimes stems from being afraid of failure.

Don’t be afraid to fail. Often, failure gives you valuable data that lets you revise your course of action.


2. Actively listening and engaging with the team

While leaders call the shots, team members are there to help execute the plan. Getting everyone on board with any major decision is one of the best abilities that leaders can have.

According to Clarke, team members are not only the staff. This refers to the entire team, including stakeholders within the business. Having the entire team’s support is of utmost importance.

When meetings lead to disagreements and plans meet resistance, leaders who are willing to listen to their team will have a broader perspective and will be able to pick the better path.

Listening to your team members’ perspectives will remind you of the bigger picture,

-he mentioned.

engaging with the team

3. Adapting to new developments and seizing opportunities

The broader technology space is rapidly evolving. Because of this, Clarke said that leaders should always be updated on the latest developments in their space and should not be afraid to take leaps of faith to seize opportunities.

The Macropay CEO said that adapting fast means you’re going to be ahead of the competition.

Producing results

4. Producing results and being reliable

Being able to deliver is not optional. If one wants to succeed, Adam Clarke underscored the importance of producing results and being reliable.

A CEO must be a person who can ensure that his business always delivers.

A business that doesn’t deliver client expectations won’t last very long,

-Clarke said.

Producing results


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