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You Should Move to Seattle, Here’s Why

By Mashum Mollah

January 15, 2021

Move to Seattle

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Seattle is a wonderful city and it differentiates itself in multiple ways from other places. Sure, other places can be wonderful in and of themselves but it is quite difficult to capture the essence and wonder that Seattle brings to the table.

This beautiful city is situated between two prominent mountainous areas, the Cascade and Olympic Mountain regions. The truly amazing bodies of water nearby, the Puget Sound and Lake Washington bring about fantastic sceneries and opportunities for rest, reflection, and relaxation.


Indeed, the natural beauty present within Seattle is quite compelling and draws many different tourists year-round to partake and indulge in nature activities. Many wish they could call Seattle their home but only a few brave individuals make the plunge and make their nest in the wonderful Seattle region.

There are several reasons why you should make Seatown, as the locals call it, your place of residence, read more. From the fantastic coffee, the bustling Seattle commercial real estate, to the inclusive culture of the people within the Seattle region, it is one of the places to be right now.

Here are a few reasons why you would want to move to Seattle and live your best life

Take Advantage Of Seattle’s Zero Income Tax

Zero Income Tax

A substantial portion of individuals within the Seattle, Washington area is quite likely there for nature and the generally excellent environment. But did you know that you will not have to pay income taxes if you move to Seattle? Indeed, Washington’s state leaders understand the plight of individuals and ensure that it keeps its income taxes at approximately zero. That is right, by moving to Seattle, you are able to take advantage of the great price of zero when it comes to your state income taxes.

Seattle Commercial Real Estate Continues To Thrive

Seattle Commercial Real Estate

Individuals may want to think about business opportunities or investment situations within the Seattle area. Commercial real estate within the Seattle area is certainly calling out to many people. It poses an excellent opportunity for those who wish to set up a business within the region, obtain a commercial property as an office space, or use it for other real estate purposes.

Different types of landlords are also trying various commercial real estate programs to combine living and working within the same area. Seattle is known for its audacity and its need to experiment. It brings about new opportunities and situations for people to work, build, and thrive in a commercial setting.

Remember that due to certain situations such as the worldwide pandemic, now may be a great time to seize a spot in the commercial property within the region at the best rates. A few factors indicate a steep drop in leasing activity in some areas and that may signal a great time to lease or even purchase property in the area.

Seattle Summers Are Fantastic

Seattle Summers

One of the best-kept secrets in Seattle is that it has excellent summers. Residents love to see the warm, dry, and minimal humidity conditions within Seattle during the summertime. That means that it brings about many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and take in the scenic sights that the area has to offer. This is a crucial factor for many people who seek to stay active and enjoy themselves in different events and scenarios.

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