How Reliable Is MyFXbook? A MyFXbook Review For Traders And Investors

Published on: December 11, 2021

Last Updated on: February 7, 2024


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With the only full-featured web service, one of the most suitable online automated analytical tools available to a trader and investor, especially for Forex Brokers, is MyFXbook.

MyFXbook is a single tool that provides multiple functions essential for a trader. According to this review, it is the smartest replacement for several other programs combined altogether.

MyFXbook LTD. is a company based in Israel, with users in the trading field all over the globe who have trusted their services and continue to do so even today.

Objectives Of The Company

The founders proudly confirm that the company has more or less achieved all the goals it initially aimed for. The aim was to expand a professional network for traders to ease their trading experience.

It facilitates a plain and clear display and monitoring of progress, an easy and uncomplicated process of learning and assistance for both amateurs and expert traders and investors.

How Secure Is MyFXbook?

Security is probably one of the most important factors for people, especially traders, who have tonnes of confidential data at their disposal on a regular basis.

MyFXbook pays special attention to security, looking into external threats like fraud or misuse to protect the users’ data at all costs.

The security of their website is assured by SSL encryption, and not only that, all that is required to link to the account is a so-called “read-only access” to the trading account. Therefore, it is one of the most secure platforms available in the global market.

Additional Features Of MyFXbook

In addition to the features above, what makes MyFXbook stand out are some of the special factors.

For example, on the one hand, the investors are consistently provided with information via the news tool.

And on the other hand, the business calendar keeps them updated with relevant current events taking place every day.

Myfxbook Reviews 

Before you start using the app for its services, ley us have a look how effective the app actually is for use.

 This Site Helped Me A Lot With My…

“This site helped me a lot with my trading strategy. I had a good analysis of my trades and I was able to change from a beginner trader to an average trader with good trade analyzes on this site. Winrate of my account went from 30% to 50%.”

Myfxbook Has Been A Real Game Changer…

“MyfxBook has been a real game changer for my trading!

When i started out I was not tracking my trades much if at all. However, since using MyfxBook and linking this to my trading account, it does all the hardwork for me, and once a week I am able to review my trading account in detail and question where things have gone wrong or highlight what has worked well so I can focus in on those key lessons.

Tracking my trades in a proper manner has allowed me to progress to a new level in my trading and highly recommend the MyfxBook as a tool to achieve this.”

I Have Been Using Myfxbook For A Couple

“I have been using Myfxbook for a couple years but only really started diving into it at the end of 2022 and I must say that it is a very good and accurate site, I have had no issues and look forward to compounding my account with this amazing trade tracker that tells you exactly how your account is performing.

I like the way you can keep track on…

I like the way you can keep track on your trading activity and manage risk. Also you can see other people’s performances. Great platform.”

Excellent Analytical Tool!!

“Excellent detailed analysis of my account. This tool has really improved my trading and has helped me to understand where I’m going wrong and what I need to do to improve. This analytical tool is second to none. My only negative is that sometimes it doesn’t update for days. My account hasn’t been updated for 10 days now so not sure what has happened. Apart from this I’m really happy with everything else. I would have giving you a five star if it wasn’t for the update issues.”

Very Helpful Source And Community

“Very helpful source and community. Love their account tracking opportunity. The only minus is about the forum where is a lot to improve.”


In summary, one can easily figure out the importance of MyFXbook as an application with hardly any disadvantages and understand why and how it becomes essential in the field of trading.

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