Safety Tips For Pressure Washing: Things You Need To Know

Pressure Washing

Seriously though, using a pressure washer is no joke. After all, as the name says, the pressure of water going through the product tends to be quite high. Therefore, if you point it towards a person (or, yourself), they may end up getting injured.

And, here’s a fact.

Only being careful around a pressure washer isn’t going to be enough. Besides, you can also try getting a product, which comes with at least one safety feature. Here’s where you can explore some options –

Tips To Perform Safe Pressure Washing

As mentioned before, when it comes to pressure washing, you must be as careful as you can. We’ll ask you to consider the following tips as a bonus as well.

Safe Pressure Washing

Tip – 1: Talk To Yourself, First.

Does your health seem well and good?

Do you feel like working with a pressure washer?

Are you feeling a little sleepy right now?

Yes, these are the questions that you should ask yourself before starting with your task. Even if you feel a little weak, you must avoid working with a pressure washer. Also, if there’s too much heavy wind blowing outside, we’ll still ask you to avoid using the same. It’s not safe.

Tip – 2: Wear Protective Gear.

Working with a pressure washer can get quite dangerous. Hence, it’s best if you wear a proper equipment module before starting working with the product.

Wear Protective Gear

Here’s what’s recommended for you –

  • A pair of safety goggles (to prevent flying projectiles from damaging your eyes).
  • Gloves (to protect your hands from the pressure of the water).
  • Pants (so that the water doesn’t cut through your legs’ flesh).
  • Enclosed shoes (because only wearing pants isn’t going to be enough).

Finally, you should wear ear protection as well if you’re using a gas-powered product. It may help you avoid any further serious injury as a whole.

Tip – 3: Read The User Manual, Now.

Is this your first time using a pressure washer? Well, in that case, you must read the provided user manual first. It, in turn, can help you in understanding the workings of the model.

Also, you’ll be able to get troubleshooting tips too. This way, even if something goes the other way, you won’t end up taking the wrong step to take care of it.

Tip – 4: Don’t Use The Pressure Washer In An Enclosed Space.

Although it’s a no-brainer, people still tend to make the mistake of using a gas-based pressure washer in an enclosed space.

Pressure Washer

Let us tell you why.

  1. Louder Noise: Usually, a petrol pressure cleaner comes with a small engine, such as a lawn mower. And, it’s quite loud as well. Hence, if you use it in an enclosed space, it might affect your ear and hearing capability to some extent.
  2. Poisonous Exhaust Fume: A gas power washer usually emits carbon monoxide that can affect your lungs if you breathe in the gas excessively. For example, it can lead to nausea, headache, dizziness, and vomiting in an extreme situation.

Tip – 5: Keep A Close Eye On Your Surroundings.

Don’t get too casual when working with a pressure washer. Be calm and keep a close eye on everything that’s happening around you.

For example, if your kid is currently playing in the same area where you’re working, be sure to tell them to leave. It’ll be even better to come back when they’re sleeping.

The Bottom Line!

Apart from everything else we’ve mentioned, you must also avoid standing at a height while working with a pressure washer. Even a fall from a height of three-feat can result in some sort of fatal accident if you’re not careful enough. So, try your best to avoid such action.

Instead, we’ll ask you to use an extension wand if you have to clean something on your roof. It might be best to wear a heavy boot so that you can keep your feet planted on the ground.

Just ensure that you’re following all the necessary steps while working with a washer. It may not look like so, but it can cause massive damage to your body. So, beware.


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