Simple Ways to Promote Your Business with Custom Sticker Printing

By Shahnawaz Alam

April 25, 2024

Promote Your Business

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Have you ever been really excited to receive a bonus sticker from an order? Using custom sticker printing is a great way to promote your business. Will everyone who gets a sticker in their hands place it somewhere highly visible? Maybe not. But consider the reach of the people who will.

Check out these simple ways you can use custom stickers to promote your business. 

Top 10 Ways To Promote Your Business With Custom Sticker Printing

Ways To Promote Your Business With Custom Sticker Printing

Here’s how you can use custom sticker printing to promote your business. Increase your brand’s visibility through using these customized stickers.

Free Stickers for Orders and Events

When you have an event, take a stack of stickers with you. People love free things, and you might be surprised at all the places your stickers show up. You can also put stickers in orders as a free gift to give people the chance to use your stickers across the globe.

It’s up to you how you do this. On orders, you might decide that any order over $30 gets a sticker. Some businesses simply put them in every order. It’s inexpensive to order stickers like these, and it won’t cost anything to ship them in an order you are already sending out. 

Limited Edition Stickers

When you create sticker designs that are exclusive or limited edition, they automatically become a hot commodity. The truth is people love exclusivity. If they think there is a chance to get something that not everyone has, they will invest in that item. 

Of course, you will want to have normal stickers as well, but create something slightly different to make it a limited edition, and it will be a hit. 

Packaging Promotion

How do you package products before you send them out or hand them to a client? Whether you run a specialty coffee shop or you’re mailing out packages, you can use stickers on your packages to promote your brand. At a drink shop, you can put stickers on your cups. 

Retail stores can put them in bags or wrappers. Companies that ship products can put stickers on the shipping boxes or on wrapped products inside. Put stickers on the packaging and watch how many people potentially take an interest. 

Social Media Challenges

Get some hype going using social media. Challenge people to send in photos of their stickers in unique places. You can offer complimentary stickers for this, or you can encourage people to purchase a sticker to compete. This creates a buzz, and it also uses those stickers. 

Apply Customized Stickers to Personal Items

You can use your customized stickers on your personal items to get additional promotions. So, whenever you carry or take out your personal items, others get a look at the stickers. 

Some might also get curious to know which brand it is, so provide them with information about the sticker. This helps increase your brand’s visibility. 

You can also put a sticker on your car window. Find creative places to stick your brand’s stickers to promote your brand. This is one of the easiest ways you can do marketing of your brand or business.

Gift Your Custom Stickers

Why only put stickers on products and packaging? When you can just gift them out as well. You can gift your brand’s stickers with your product orders so that your customers can utilize them. 

You can also gift stickers to people you know who will utilize them by sticking them to their products. This will help you get more brand visibility as more people use your stickers. You can customize your stickers with motivational words along with your brand to make them stand out. 

Or you can personalize your brand stickers with loyal customers’ initials and inspirational messages to give them on special occasions. This improves customers’ experiences regarding your brand, making them feel more connected to your company.

Sell your Stickers Alongside Your Branded Merchandise

If your business has any retail store that promotes your brand’s products or merchandise, then you can market your brand stickers with these products. 

Give your stickers and unique quotes and stick them to your merchandise. This will help increase your brand visibility, leading to good marketing. 

You can also add stickers to your website, keeping the prices low so that customers can add them to get free delivery during checkout. This way, you sell your stickers along with your products.

Give your Employees Stickers

If you want to show your employees appreciation, then add some merchandise, gift cards, and stickers to gift them. Your employees are your brand’s biggest cheerleaders. 

So gift them your merchandise and stickers so that they can use them however they please. Whether they stick to personal items or vehicles, your brand would get the promotion you need to increase your brand visibility.

Apply Stickers To Your Store or Shop Windows

This is the easiest way to market your business to customers and expected customers. You can apply your brand stickers on your stores or shops, especially on your front windows. This is because these areas of your store are more visible to people who can become your future customers.

Since stickers are cost-effective, you can customize stickers for different occasions or festivities. If you want to follow a trend, then customize your brand stickers to fit the trend.

Highlight Your Products Through Stickers

If a new product is being launched in your business, customize your stickers to that product. Now, stick these stickers on your personal items, storefronts, cars, windows, etc., to help market your products. Your brand’s logo must be highlighted on the product sticker to promote your business as well.

Get Quality Stickers to Stand Out

Get Quality Stickers to Stand Out

With custom sticker printing solutions, you have the ability to stand out and earn your brand far more exposure. Choose a quality provider that specializes in creating and printing business stickers to ensure you get quality stickers at reliable prices. 

Get to know the details for the best printing results. There may be specific recommendations for submitting your designs to ensure you get the best print possible. Now, get your stickers out there and promote your business to the world!

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