What Are Public Service Jobs? – Best Job Roles In Public Services

What Are Public Service Jobs? - Best Job Roles In Public Services

What are public service jobs? – A public service job is a job for the local and federal government. The focus is to provide a range of crucial services to the local citizens. The job roles are called public services because they receive funding from taxpayers, and the services are available to the public. These services are essential for any country, from the national level to the local level.

In this article, you will learn about what public service jobs are and how they work. Apart from that, you will also learn about some of the best public service job roles based on the scale of pay. Here, we will discuss the major features of each of the job roles. Furthermore, you will also get an idea of the average salary for each of these roles. Hence, to learn more, read on through to the end of the article.

What Are Public Service Jobs?

According to Indeed.com,

A public service is a resource offered by an organization, typically a government agency or private business, intended to support members of a community. Public services include health care, waste removal, and transportation, and are systems and solutions that can benefit various groups of individuals. The government may offer these services itself or offer funding to a private organization to provide them to community members.”

Public services jobs are essential for the functioning of a country, especially at the lower levels. These jobs provide essential services to the local population. Some of these services include building roads, energy supplies, emergency response, and more.

According to data from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national median salary was $22.26 per hour, or $61,900 per year (as of May 2022). The BLS took data from the 147 million full-time public service workers in the country. Among all these jobs, the ones that are in the private sector have a higher pay scale.

On the other hand, there are some public service jobs that have a higher pay than the median national salary. Furthermore, they also come with good benefits, job security, and also regular increase in pay.

What Are The Highest-Paid Jobs In Public Services?

According to the International Labor Organization,

The State is the largest or the single most important employer in almost all countries. The public service personnel comprise persons employed by public authorities at central, regional, and local levels and include both civil servants and public employees. Public authorities must provide high-quality services to their citizens and decent work for their workers.

The following are some of the highest-paid jobs in public services:

1. Security Services

Security Services

Median Annual Salary: $55,000 to $80,000.

These services include services in the military, police, navy, guards, law officers, etc. These services ensure the safety and security of citizens in the country. These jobs maintain the social order while mitigating potential threats that can hinder individual and national safety.

2. Government Services

Government Services

Median Annual Salary: $50,000 to $75,000.

Public service jobs include government workers who work to ensure that the local public gets access to the best of services. Here, the aim of these services is to provide reliable and cost-effective services for a comfortable lifestyle.

3. Health Educators

Health Educators

Median Annual Salary: $59,990.

The job of health educators is to work with the public and to educate them on good health practices, health hazards, and other issues. Basically, health educators work with health professionals and the ones that are in need. The eligibility requirements include a Bachelor’s Degree and the “Certified Health Education Specialist” exam.

4. Energy Services

Energy Services

Median Annual Salary: $94,790.

Energy supply is one of the major needs for daily operations. In fact, humans fully rely on energy sources and have taken them for granted. Hence, some of the major job roles include power plant operators, dispatchers, distributors, and more. However, to get such a job, a high school education and on-the-job training are important.

5. Engineers And Planners

Engineers And Planners: public service jobs

Median Annual Salary: $80,000 to $90,000.

These services include planners and civil engineers. While planners design and develop the physical area of a city or a town, the engineers create the infrastructure. Urban and regional planners work with developers to decide on the usage of land, environmental impact, population accommodation, and other factors. On the other hand, a civil engineer deals with the design, construction, and operation of roadways, bridges, sewage, airports, etc.

These positions mainly require a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree, depending on the job role.

6. Firefighters

Firefighters: public service jobs

Median Annual Salary: $50,700.

According to Indeed.com,

What does a firefighter do can be explained as someone who responds to emergencies, rescues victims from fires and puts out the fires. They also respond to and assist people in emergencies related to accidents and natural disasters such as earthquakes, storms, floods, and landslides. Since they often arrive first on the scene, they have medical training to provide emergency medical care and first aid to the injured and sick.”

As a result, a firefighter requires a lot of training and experience since there is a high exposure to danger and life-threatening situations.

7. Medical And Health Services

Medical And Health Services: public service jobs

Median Annual Salary: $101,340.

Apart from doctors, there are also professionals in medical and health services. These personnel ensure that all medical facilities are in the correct order and that there are no issues. These individuals are also responsible for budget, staffing, equipment, and other factors that are essential for the proper functioning of the medical facility.

There are different eligibility requirements based on the role one applies for. However, a bachelor’s degree is usually a requirement.

Wrapping Up

What are public service jobs? – Hope this article was helpful for you in answering the question. You can see that the jobs in public services are essential for the proper functioning of the nation and society. However, if you want to join a public service job, make sure you prepare yourself accordingly, both physically and educationally.

Do you have more information to add on the best public service jobs? Consider sharing them with us in the comments section below.

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