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3 Tips For Promoting Your Artwork On Social Media

By Arnab Dey

May 11, 2022

promoting your artwork

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Creating beautiful artwork promotes a sense of joy and well-being that few other jobs provide. Artists can look at ordinary objects and scenes and, through their efforts, turn them into drawn and painted masterpieces.

For promoting your artwork, you are using various types of platforms. But social media platforms and online mediums are the best way to reach out to your audiences and send samples of your artworks.

Why Online Promoting Your Artwork Is The Best?

While many artists attend formal art schools, others are self-taught. However, no matter their art journey, a common occurrence happens when, after a great deal of practice, their friends and family begin to want to purchase some of the artwork they produce.

Subsequently, once they have started selling artwork, some creators decide to showcase their work online to attract other buyers for their burgeoning art business.

Alternatively, other artists enjoy sharing their artwork without selling it and like to do so online as it provides a simple and inexpensive way to reach enthusiasts around the globe.

Therefore, no matter what reasons you might have for sharing your cherished artwork, three tips that many artists follow can aid you in your quest to promote your artwork on social media platforms. Online promoting your artwork is a perfect initiation. You will reach your audiences, and this is a global platform.

How To Promote Your Artwork On Social Media?

For promoting your artwork online, you will require an authentic platform first. Then you have to use that platform to reach out to the audiences.

Here are three easy steps you need to follow to promote your artwork on social media.

1. Create Accounts on Your Preferred Social Media Sites

Spend some time online at many of the different social media sites. While there, pay attention to who shares their artwork, the styles of art you see represented, and who visits the posts to look at the art. Do you find people on a particular social media platform who admire artwork similar to what you create?

Do you enjoy interacting with fellow art lovers there? Positive answers to these questions may indicate that you have found a social media site that could work well for your art sharing.

In addition, once you have become a member, most sites offer analytics, which provides valuable information about who visits your posts, how often, and for how long. This information can help you create posts likely to attract more viewers and thereby expand your audience for your artwork.

2. Post To These Sites Often

A regular posting pattern makes you a contributing member of a social media platform, resulting in an effortless way for interested individuals to find your work online. Not only your artwork, but you are also starting to share your tips for drawing and arts. 

These tips are also working for promoting your artwork. I know that creating the best art piece requires time. And every day it is not possible to create the best masterpieces.

Indeed, daily posting will yield great results, but even if you only post a few times a month, that effort makes your online presence visible to potential buyers and art lovers.

3. Maintain Your Time Schedule for Working Online

When online, you likely experienced sitting down to spend only a few minutes checking in on a social media site, only to find that an hour had gone by before you realized what had happened.

Therefore, if you want to produce artwork for purchase, you will need to schedule time for creating art and limited time for working on social media postings. Once you have a following, allow adequate time to respond to comments and messages and add new posts for promoting your artwork.

Putting a limit on your online time will help keep your work-to-social-media balance in check. However, suppose you prefer to work on artwork or require some assistance in leveraging social media sites to your advantage.

In this instance, you might consider utilizing the services of a digital media solutions service provider who can streamline online interactions for you.


Most artists love to create projects and share them with others. Using social media can help you share inexpensively, time-efficient, and fun manner.  For promoting your artwork the first thing you have to search for is an authentic platform. Then start to publish your post for advertising.

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