How to Remove a Mugshot from the Internet


If you have ever had your mugshot taken, the last thing you want is to have that photo circulating the internet.

People often make assumptions, even if they do not have any facts to back them up. So if they see your mugshot online, they might assume you committed a criminal act.

The reality, however, is that being arrested does not necessarily mean that someone is guilty of having committed an illegal act. But your reputation could be destroyed if the wrong person sees your mugshot.

You may be wondering how you can remove a mugshot posted online, whether it is a new or older mugshot or an older mugshot. Read on for ideas that actually work.

Ask Google to Remove a Mugshot

One option for mugshot removal is to reach out to a search engine like Google. Contact the company to enlist their help.

Google will delete search engine results under certain circumstances. And chances are they’ll honor your request if you can show their failure to do so is harmful to you.

There is no guarantee that Google or any other search engine will follow through with a delete mugshot request, but it does not hurt to ask.

Notify the Webmaster

You can also try notifying the webmaster responsible for the website on which your mugshot is posted. The contact details for the webmaster are usually included in the footer of a website.

You’ll want to explain to the webmaster why you want them to help you expunge your mugshot. While the webmaster does not have to remove it, they might be willing to help.

But it’s important to know that removing the mugshot from the site doesn’t mean removing it from the internet altogether. People may still be able to use a search engine to find your mugshot.

Hire a Mugshot Removal Company

Yet another option is mugshot removal services.

These companies will, for a fee, get mugshots removed from a website. But your mugshot could still be on the internet. Typically, mugshot removal companies can only delete your image from particular sites.

So think long and hard about whether you want to fork over your hard-earned money for a service that might not get to the root of the matter.

Once something is posted online, it’s hard to undo it. People can share it freely and re-upload it. You may be able to get a court-ordered removal, but you’ll need to enlist the services of a lawyer.

Consider All Your Options

If your mugshot is online and you are worried about how it might impact your personal or professional life, there are options. While there is no way to guarantee removal, there are strategies to try.

It might take a combination of these recommended options rather than just one.

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