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5 Reasons Your Company Should Consider the SaaS Business Model

By Sumona

January 15, 2022

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As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, SaaS is becoming very popular both among companies and end-users. SaaS (Software as a Service) is a concept that uses a subscription model where customers are charged on a monthly, yearly, or per-user basis. Examples of successful SaaS businesses include Slack, Dropbox, and Adobe.

So, if some of the largest companies think that the SaaS business model is good, then it must be worth considering it, right?

Whether you’re planning to buy a SaaS business or start one from scratch, the truth is that, compared to traditional software options, the SaaS business model offers numerous benefits. In this post, we’re discussing the advantages of SaaS and offer 5 reasons why you should consider it as a business model.

1.  Reduced Costs

Software as a Service can provide significant cost savings as you don’t need to support multiple devices and operating systems. SaaS eliminates this issue by allowing you to build a product that works on different browsers and deploy it from the cloud. Compared to on-premise software, it is much cheaper, faster, and easier to use.

You also don’t need to pay a professional developer to build a SaaS website for you.  Maintenance costs are lowered too since the provider owns the environment and it’s split among the customers using the solution.

2. User-Friendliness

SaaS products are super easy to use for customers. To get started, they simply need to create an account and log in. Onboarding documents, best practices, training, samples, and tutorials are readily available and easy to access.

There is no need to install complicated software and then spend hours figuring out how it works, so they can begin using the application immediately.

3. Recurring Revenue

Every entrepreneur dreams of passive income, and that’s exactly what the SaaS business model offers. With most business models, organizations need to constantly work on attracting new clients, which not only requires time but is also quite costly.

With the SaaS business model, on the other hand, clients pay a one-time fee for your product and, with a strong customer base, you can count on a steady flow of recurring revenue. This makes it easier to anticipate your monthly and yearly revenue and reinvest the earnings to grow your business.

4. Flexibility

With the SaaS business model, customers pay only for the features they use and will only pay more if they decide to use a greater number of features. SaaS companies often offer several subscription options to meet the customers’ different needs, and each customer can change between tiers whenever they want. Additionally, software in the cloud allows teams with users in various locations to collaborate effectively using the same solution.

Finally, unlike with traditional software, updates and features can be added easily and users get access to them immediately. In fact, SaaS businesses can offer new features and updates several times per day.

5. Easy to Market

As mentioned before, instead of constantly hunting new customers, SaaS companies are focused on building a solid customer base that’s paying small monthly fees. The SaaS business model makes this easier by allowing free trials without users having to provide payment information, allowing them to decide whether they actually want to subscribe to the product.

SaaS products can be accessed from anywhere on the globe, quickly and easily, which makes them more attractive. Once people have seen how beneficial your SaaS product is, they’re likely to refer you to others, often without any incentive on your part.

This, however, doesn’t mean that you can just sit back and do nothing when it comes to marketing your product. There are a few fundamental aspects of SaaS sales that take a lot of getting used to and the biggest challenge is that there’s always going to be fierce competition, so you need to figure out how you differ from your competitors. Once you know what your strengths are and where you need to improve, you’ll be able to actually win against them.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous reasons to choose the Saas business model, including reduced costs, better flexibility, and recurring revenue. There are benefits for your customers as well, because SaaS products are extremely easy to use. So if you’re thinking about starting a SaaS business, be sure to keep these upsides in mind as you plan your venture.

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