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3 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Selling A Commercial Property

By Barsha Bhattacharya

November 10, 2023

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Selling A Commercial Property

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Navigating the real estate market is generally confusing. However, unlike selling your home, selling a commercial property is more complicated and involves lengthy transactions. You should also willingly invest considerable effort, thoughts, and sales strategies to pull a favorable deal. It is not uncommon for sellers to make simple mistakes that can impede the sale. Below are common mistakes to watch out for when selling commercial properties.

1. Overpricing Or Underpricing The Property

It is normal for sellers to anticipate maximum profits from the sale of their properties. However, you should price your property accordingly, especially if you are targeting cash buyers. The best home buying company will certainly offer the best price for your commercial property.

Most sellers consciously or unconsciously overprice or underprice their properties. The commercial real estate market is highly dynamic, making it challenging for sellers to know the exact value of their properties. However, you should research extensively to determine the fair market value of your commercial property.

Overpricing or underpricing are both detrimental to the sale. Overpricing scares away potential buyers, leaving your property on the market for an unusually long period. On the other hand, potential buyers are often skeptical about underpriced properties. They might suspect the property has some underlying issues. You should consider several factors when pricing your property. Assess the general market conditions, the property’s location, condition, and demand to price your commercial property.

2.  Not Understanding Market Conditions

Another common mistake that comes with selling commercial properties is not understanding the market conditions. As mentioned, the commercial real estate market is quite complicated. Property prices are influenced by several factors, including local, regional, and national demand and supply dynamics, economic trends, and interest rates.

Not understanding the market conditions leads to costly mistakes. For starters, not knowing the prevailing conditions can lead to poor timing of the sale. Listing your property when the market is in a downturn or slowing down isn’t favorable, as potential buyers are scarce and unwilling to spend. You should also know when the market is heating up to maximize your profits.

Not knowing the market conditions also affects your ability to position and market your property effectively. Different commercial properties appeal to different potential buyers. Property features in demand also vary based on market trends. For instance, if energy efficiency and sustainability are presently valued features, failing to highlight these features in your commercial property makes it less attractive to prospects.

Ignoring legal procedures during the sale is a serious mistake with expensive consequences. You should understand the legal aspects of commercial real estate sales to avoid penalties, legal conflicts, and possible cancellation of the sale. You can avoid this mistake by:

  • Seeking legal help: Hire a commercial real estate attorney to help you navigate the legal aspects of property sale.
  • Understand seller obligations: You should know your responsibilities as the seller. This includes disclosing all information and abiding by lease agreements.
  • Understand tax implications: You should know the various tax obligations that come with selling commercial properties.


There’s a lot that goes into selling a commercial property. You should price your property correctly, understand the market conditions, adhere to legal provisions, and market to the right audience. Fortunately, preparing your property for sale won’t be an issue if you are selling to cash home buyers.

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