Why Should You Buy Used Fork Trucks, and Things to Check Before Buying?

Published on: May 27, 2022

Last Updated on: June 7, 2022

Fork Trucks

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Warehouses store different kinds of goods and items of all shapes and sizes. One of them is pallets, transportable wooden structures that allow you to move, stack, and store items with a forklift.

But moving goods, particularly huge ones, is an arduous task without a fork truck. Also known as reach trucks, narrow aisle and reach truck forklifts, they have two prongs on the front to lift pallets and other items.

A new industrial vehicle is expensive and would cost you between 20,000 USD to 40,000 USD. The best alternative is buying used forktrucks, as you could be saving plenty of money while getting the same benefits.

These used vehicles will provide you with the same functionality and efficiency while costing less. However, you must check things like its engine, forks for damage, mast operation, leaks, gaps in lift chains, and battery life.

If you’ve never bought one of these things before, here’s some information to help you out.

What Functions Do These Vehicles Perform?

They can lift and transport heavy goods from one place to another with their steel prongs quickly and efficiently. The same work would require a lot of time and effort if done manually.

These vehicles work incredibly well in aisles with limited spaces. Most warehouses use them for loading and collecting pallets in racks, as they can handle multiple pallets at once.

These small trucks are much stronger than conventional forklifts and can reach higher heights than the latter. From large-density storage to fast storage and retrieval of goods, warehouses use them for various purposes.

You will find them particularly useful in tight passageways in storage facilities and warehouses. By loading items at greater heights, you can optimize the storage space.

How Do Prongs or Scissors Work?

How Do Prongs or Scissors Work

All fork trucks have a set of prongs or scissors in front, which you can operate by pressing a button. They are powerful and can withstand heavy loads at once.

Because the prongs extend forward, you must avoid bumping the lower level of racking to prevent them from falling over because of an imbalance.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Forklift

It is advisable to consider various factors while buying a forklift to ensure you receive a product that fulfills your requirements.

What loads will you be carrying?

What is the heaviest load in the warehouse you will be carrying with this fork truck? You should check that carefully, as it will help you assess the lift capacity you require.

You should avoid buying a forklift that can barely handle the heaviest weight because it might collapse or cause various problems. Overbearing the lift might also damage it entirely.

Checking the Lift Height

Checking the Lift Height

Your forklift should have sufficient reach to lift the loaded pallets to the required height. One way of checking the ideal lift height of your truck is finding the top deck’s size in your warehouses and then adding six inches to that.

The amount that comes up is the desirable height your vehicle should have.

Can it Turn Comfortably in Aisles?

The lift should turn quickly and comfortably within aisles for speedy work and convenience. A standard-sized fork truck requires at least a 12 feet width to turn, while narrow-sized ones need only 8 feet for movement.

You will also come across highly narrow-sized ones that operate well in 6 feet wide aisles. Whether single or double reached, most reach trucks turn well between 8 feet to 9 feet.

How to Select an Equipment Supplier?

You should buy the vehicle from a trustworthy equipment supplier who supplies the forklifts in good condition. They should test, clean, and inspect the forklift before shipping.

Choose a supplier that offers you a 30-day guarantee on used lifts since that way; you won’t be spending money on repairs shortly after purchase. You could also read the customer testimonials on their website to see what their clients say.

Used fork trucks are as good as new ones, handle the same loads, and perform equally well while costing less money. These vehicles are indispensable for moving and storing pallets and other items in warehouses. It is wise to do adequate research before buying them.

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