Customer Testimonial Videos: 3 Tips For Higher Conversion Rate

Published on: May 26, 2022

Last Updated on: May 17, 2024

Conversion Rate

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Millennials and the widespread use of the internet have changed the way companies relate to their customers. That’s because online users are no longer swayed by traditional commercials or marketing campaigns.

According to Brightlocal’s Local Consumer Review Survey 2022, 77% of online users will first check online reviews before deciding whether to use the services of a local business. The same applies to e-commerce businesses – if there are no authentic customer reviews (people can easily identify sponsored reviews), chances are people will skip the purchase.

This is why video testimonials from real customers are extremely valuable for any company! However, it’s not that easy to convince a customer to film their opinion about your product or service. Still, if you find the right timing and use the correct strategy, you can use this amazing marketing tool to boost your conversion rate.

So, if you’re trying to figure out how to make video testimonials and how to use them in your campaigns,

Here Are a Few Tips For a Higher Conversion Rate:

1. Automate the Outreach

In order to get a constant stream of customer video reviews, you need to react at specific moments in your relationship with customers. For instance, a person may be more open to the idea after they’ve voluntarily praised your brand on social media (and not as a reply to a marketing campaign).

Still, unless you are constantly checking brand mentions, this is a moment easy to miss. That’s why it helps to have a piece of automation software ready to spring into action when one of these crucial moments is reached.

Also, it helps to prepare personalizable email/message templates that fit each situation, so the customer feels you value their personal input.

2. Tell a Story

Don’t put the burden of creating a comprehensive video testimonial on the customer! They already agreed to be a part of your marketing campaign, so don’t make them write the script as well.

Plus, video testimonials are only effective when they tell a story and have a natural flow. If it’s just a statement devoid of meaning, most people will ignore it. For this, you have to follow this basic structure:

  • Start – In this section, the customer will speak about themselves and their needs
  • Middle – Here, the person doing the video testimonial should describe how they first found your brand and why they chose it and not the competitors.
  • Ending – Ask the customer to describe how your brand provided the perfect solution to their needs and why they think your company is worth their praise and loyalty.

All this can be achieved via a set of questions you send to the customer for them to use as guidance while doing the review. Just remember to keep it short and simple – no one will take the time to go through a 10-question interview!

3. Talk About the Benefits

When reading a review, people look to understand what they can gain from using that specific product or service (aka, the benefits). So, avoid sending detailed scripts to customers who agree to provide you with video testimonials.

Instead, use a few questions to create the structure mentioned above and let them share a genuine experience. You’ll notice most people will bring forth all sorts of benefits, which will appeal to the emotional side of prospects.

Wrap Up

Testimonials and reviews are quite powerful marketing tools and can boost any startup to a new growth level because they create an emotional appeal to your brand. This helps businesses convert prospects into customers at a faster rate, which leads to an increase in sales and profits.

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