Social Selling Vs Social Media Marketing: A Key Difference

Social networks are the perfect field to expand the scope of your brand’s influence and reach a huge audience. Their power is immeasurable in modern society and it is very important to use their potential if you want to see progress in your sales. However, reaping the benefits of the power of social networks is only possible if the practices you implement there are carefully designed, meaningful, and effective. That goal is actually very easily achievable when your marketing strategy of social selling and lead generation on social networks is designed and implemented by real experts in this domain. Respect Studio has a respectable history of work in this field and testimonials of clients who have reached their goals. With the help of proven effective strategies in the field of marketing, we achieve results that are talked about in superlatives on LinkedIn. Be the next to share your achievements on this business social platform – in superlatives!

Social Networks Are The Meeting Point Of Social Selling And Social Media Marketing

Both social media marketing and social selling are effective and important methods that belong to the field of social marketing. It is known that for a successful marketing strategy, it is very important to use all the potential that social networks offer, which means that it is necessary to combine several approaches, methods, and techniques to reach the target audience and through which to interact with them. However, it is important first of all to understand both approaches, so that you know what benefits they bring you. What unites social media marketing and social selling is definitely social networks as a place where both processes take place. Both marketing strategies find their application on social channels and are aimed at their target audience. What differentiates them is a different focus, a different approach, and a different implementation.

Social Selling – Festina Lente!

Social Selling - Festina Lente!

Social selling is a practice that lies at the core of making a profit and achieving long-term success. The primary goal of social selling is actually not sales (although the ultimate goal of any marketing practice is certainly sales), but the focus of this process is on building trust between you and your audience, that is, potential clients. Every step taken in the online world aims to strengthen the bond of trust between your brand and potential clients who will eventually become your loyal clients.

The principle behind social selling is that you don’t need to chase what you want violently and act under pressure in order to achieve results. Instead, focus on providing genuine quality in terms of content, as well as in terms of the quality of interaction through a pleasant, assertive and friendly communication style. That’s why the point of social selling could without doubt be based on the well-known Latin proverb Festina lente! which emphasizes the importance of focused work without the factor of haste. Focus on the long run is what will bring positive results over time.

Social Media Marketing – Ut Sementem Feceris, Ita Metes

Social Media Marketing - Ut Sementem Feceris, Ita Metes

Social media marketing, on the other hand, has a somewhat different approach and implementation in accordance with the goal. This marketing process refers to all activities undertaken on social networks, for which online engagement is the goal in itself. More precisely, social media marketing could be called a process aimed at raising brand awareness, while social selling is aimed at building trust. Social media marketing is not aimed at an individual or a specific group, but addresses everyone, trying to convey a brand message to the entire online community.

Proper implementation of social media marketing means greater recognition and a better-communicated message that you want, and this can only be achieved with a team specialized in this marketing field. In the end, as with any other practice, especially marketing that takes place online, one rule applies – As you sow, so shall you reap.

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