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Email Marketing Magic: Boosting Click-Through Rates with Compelling CTAs

By Sumona

April 21, 2023

Email Marketing

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Have you heard hushed chatters about how email marketing is dead? Although many people in the marketing department are concerned, numbers don’t lie.

  • Global email users are set to reach 4.6 billion by 2025
  • 333.2+ billion are sent and received each day
  • The average expected ROI is $40 for every $1 spent on email marketing
  • 69% of marketers use email marketing to disseminate content
  • 81% of SMBs rely on email as their primary customer acquisition channel

So, email marketing is very much alive. Let’s learn more about it and how to use CTA to boost click-through rates.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is one of the most powerful marketing channels, which uses email to let businesses promote their goods or services, share updates with customers, etc. Thanks to email and marketing automation, all the heavy lifting is already handled by tools.

The benefits of email marketing are:

  • A cost-effective, easy, and quick way of reaching out to the target audience
  • Offers a high ROI and automates marketing efforts
  • Personalized appeal to different segments of the audience
  • Stronger relations with customers

What is The Email Click-Through Rate?

The number of subscribers calculates the email click-through rate, or CTR clicked on one or all of the links in the email marketing campaign. The formula is:

Email CTR = Number of Clicks/Number of Delivered Emails by 100

If your email marketing campaign has a high click-through rate, it is a good sign. It means the campaign is relevant and encourages recipients to take action. A low email CTR means there’s room for improvement. One of the best ways to boost email CTR is through compelling CTAs or calls to action.

What is A CTA?

A call to action or CTA is a line of text or an image that prompts leads, visitors, or customers to take a specific action. For example, in the business-to-business lead generation process, a CTA catches the attention of the visitors or the email recipient and redirects them to the landing page that may convert into a lead.

You can place CTAs literally anywhere. They can be included in emails, at the bottom of blog posts, on the website home page, on social media profiles, etc.

For best results, all emails must end with a CTA. You can read all about how to write the perfect email copy here.

In this guide, you will learn about how you can craft compelling CTAs to increase the CTR of your emails.

Tips to craft compelling CTAs for improving email CTR

  • Crystal clear

Vague phrasing can be misleading. They must be avoided. The CTA must not be riddled with ambiguous words and phrases. The line of text must offer enough details to motivate readers to click the link or visit the site.

  • Size is important

Make the CTA buttons clickable, and size matters. Do not overwhelm the design with a large CTA design. On the other hand, do not make the CTA design so small that it gets lost in the rest of the email content.

  • Use images and icons

Include visual cues to make your CTA stand out from the rest of the email copy. For example, you can add an icon of a phone if you want the readers to call you. This will draw the readers’ attention to the CTA.

  • Sweet and simple

Don’t ask the readers to complete multiple tasks simultaneously. You will lose the readers’ interest if there are several things to do at once. It would be best if you kept the CTA simple and straightforward. Use simple-to-understand language.

If you plan to include multiple CTAs, know that one needs to be more dominant than the others. You can play with dimensions or colors to bring your readers’ focus to the most critical CTA.

  • A/B testing

You can test your CTAs via A/B testing and optimize them according to the data collected. The outcome of the test will determine which CTAs work for your campaigns. You can build a library of email templates with high-performing CTAs and use them in your future campaigns.

Additionally, you can use statistics and numbers in the CTA to help the line of text stand out from the rest. Also, you can include testimonials in your CTA design, as it will provide authenticity and credibility. Sometimes, user testimonials and references can make a significant difference.


In summation, email marketing is not dead, and the email CTR can be significantly improved by crafting compelling CTAs.

It would be best if you kept the CTAs:

  • Short and sweet
  • Simple language
  • Focus on a single action
  • Make them clickable
  • Use visual cues and buttons

Email copywriting is not as easy as everyone thinks. From coming up with the right subject line to the impactful CTA, every little aspect takes time, effort, and skills. Work with experienced email copywriters to take your email campaign efforts to the next level.




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