Solar Panel Lifespan: How Long Will My Solar Panels Last?

Solar Panel Lifespan

Solar panels have some serious financial and environmental credentials.

Not only can they reduce or even eliminate your power bills, but they can also add value to your home. But wait a minute – that’s only good as long as they last, right?

How long do solar panels last? To answer that not quite million dollar question, let’s have a look at a few factors affecting solar panel lifespan.

Average Solar Panel Lifespan

The best way to answer the question, ‘What is the average lifespan of solar panels?’ is to look at the warranties currently on offer.

If you’re a manufacturer of solar panels, you know you need to provide a warranty that will cover the absolute minimum average solar panel lifespan. Now, almost all new solar panels come with a minimum 25-year warranty.

This is reassuring for anyone looking to make an investment in solar panels for their home. They are built to last. The beauty of solar panels is that there are no moving parts. This means that there are fewer components to wear out.

True, the materials used in their construction and the chemicals contained inside can break down over time. But with proper maintenance and cleaning, there’s no reason why the normal lifespan of solar panels should not exceed 25 years.

After 25-30 years, solar panels don’t just suddenly stop working. Unless they have been damaged, it’s reasonable to expect them to continue working with a slightly reduced output for many years to come.

Maintaining Solar Panels

During the warranty period, solar panels will be covered against any manufacturing defects that may develop. As a homeowner, your responsibility is to keep them clean and protect them from damage as much as possible.

If you live in a dry, dusty climate, your panels will benefit from regular cleaning. This can be done by giving them a gentle wash with warm water mixed with a little dish soap. Follow this with a rinse down with a hosepipe and it will remove any dust and grime build-up.

How Solar Panels Affect Property Value

Knowing that the average solar panel lifespan is over 25 years can help you to decide whether they’re a good choice for your home. It’s always hard to predict what property prices will be years down the line. That said, solar panels can have a positive impact on property values.

Check out this article from Blue Raven Solar to learn about how solar panels can impact property values:

The Final Word on Solar Panel Lifespan

Solar panels are a big investment. But advances in technology and excellent 25-year plus warranties mean that they can be a sound investment. If panels from the 80s are still going strong, then the expected solar panel lifespan for those bought in 2021 should be much longer!

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