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Published on: September 2, 2021

Last Updated on: September 3, 2021

South America

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South America is home to a wide variety of cultures, landscapes, and a spirit full of energy that anyone can find something of interest. South America’s reputation has been built on the contrast between its colonial sprawls and high-energy cities. Although it may not offer the same cheap lifestyle and jet-set as Europe, the experience gained is well worth the money.

It offers affordable courses and programs for all fields and subjects when it comes to higher education. 

Due to the rich history and attractiveness of South America, more international students are choosing South America over other destinations for higher education. It is also affordable to study abroad, which could explain why this country is so popular. As noted by, many universities that are highly ranked in the world rankings are located here and are open to students from around the globe.

All You Need To Know About Studying In South America

All You Need To Know About Studying In South America

When it comes to choosing a place to study abroad, there are some things that are not obvious to everyone. This is also true for South America. Therefore, we will discuss some essential things that international students who are considering studying in South America should keep in mind.

Many people mistakenly believe that Latin America and South America are one and the same. The place is a geographic entity that is essentially a subcontinent of South America. 

It is also part of the cultural entity that includes all regions where Spanish or Portuguese are spoken. These include Central America, Mexican territories of the West Indies, and the Caribbean.

Millions of tourists visit each year to enjoy this richness. Spanish is the most widely spoken language in Spain. Other smaller entities within the region speak their own languages and dialects, but this article is not covered. 

Many of their religious celebrations are based on the Catholic faith. However, every region may have its own celebrations for many things, which may explain the richness of their culture.

What Is The Cost Of Students Studying In South America?

What Is The Cost Of Students Studying In South America?

Accommodation costs for students studying abroad in South America vary depending on where they choose to study. 

While some cities can be pretty expensive, they offer an excellent university experience for international students. These cities include Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires and are comparable to places in the United States or the UK for accommodation costs. 

Many international students opt for the less expensive options like Peru or Ecuador. However, international students studying in South America should know that flying by plane to Latin American countries can be pretty expensive. 

However, there are many budget-friendly options available. There is something for everyone. These alternatives might be more affordable than public buses. Many people prefer to travel by bus, but trains don’t run every day due to the earthquake-prone region. You can purchase tickets online, and there are other options like taxis and metros.

Multiple Options For Student Entertainment In South America?

Multiple Options For Student Entertainment In South America?

Although it is often said that football is similar to religion in South America, this is just as true as gospel. They are earnest about their sports, and not just football. They have volleyball, rugby, cycling, and even baseball, which is the most American of all sports.

The South American nationals are well-known for their love of dancing. They have won numerous international awards in this area. Although they expect everyone to dance, it doesn’t have to be perfect. It is their way to connect with each other and the surrounding environment.

International students can enjoy many other activities when they aren’t studying. South Americans love to do adventurous activities like skiing, so they are readily available. For those who are interested, they also offer paragliding, snowboarding, and rafting. Beaches are also available for those who want to spend a lazy day reading, relaxing in the sun, and enjoying a drink.

How To Enroll In The Universities Of South America?

The actual student life in South America is as described above. In addition, many universities rank highly on the international charts. Students come from all over the globe to study at these universities and also for other career opportunities and growth opportunities. 

Students in Engineering and Science love Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile because they have made significant advances in science in recent years and are ranked number one by the QS rating system.

Universidad de Sao Paulo is another prestigious university in South America for students interested in Law. In addition, it accepts many international students from around the globe based on academic excellence. 

Want To Enroll In The Business School In South America?

Want To Enroll In The Business School In South America?

International students may be interested in business schools. These are readily available and highly ranked among global business schools like Tecnologico De Monterrey Universidad de Buenos Aires has excellent programs in liberal arts and advanced Spanish immersion. 

Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado and Universidad Veritas are great options and offer a wholesome university experience for international students in South America.

These statistics show that there is something for everyone. Students can also choose the institutions they want to study based on their career goals. These schools award both undergraduate and postgraduate doctorate degrees. Some vocational schools also offer diplomas.

Different Course Programs In South America’s Universities

Different Course Programs In South America’s Universities

An international student studying in South America can also benefit from the information about the many study programs available. These programs often include all of the necessary housing and tourist issues addressed in advance so that you can fully enjoy your time without worrying. 

These include:

  • International Studies Abroad in Peru

  1. CEA Study Abroad in Vina del Mar, Chile
  2. Florianopolis – Business, Environmental Studies, Brazil
  • IES Abroad Santiago

  • Institute for Study Abroad, Argentine Universities Program

  1.  ISA (International Studies Abroad): Valparaiso & Vina del Mar, Chile
  •   CEA Study Abroad in Buenos Aires (Argentina)

  1.  IES Abroad Buenos Aires: Advanced Spanish Immersion
  •   USAC Chile: 

  1.  Santiago – Spanish Language, Culture and International Studies
  2.  Institute for Study Abroad, Buenos Aires: Advanced Language and Culture
  3. ISA (International Studies Abroad): Cusco, Peru
  •   CEA Study Abroad Bogota, Colombia

  1.  IES Abroad Buenos Aires-Latin American Societies & Cultures
  2.  USAC Uruguay: Montevideo Spanish Language, Agribusiness and Viticulture   Studies
  3. Institute for Study Abroad (IFSA): Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru

How to Make the Most of Your Student Life in South America?

How to Make the Most of Your Student Life in South America?

There are some other things you should remember as an international student living in South America. One of the biggest mistakes international students make when studying abroad is to assume that all countries in the region are alike. This is not true for any country, especially South American.

You should make sure to explore as many places as you can while keeping within your budget. This is because you don’t want your studies to suffer if you party too much. On the other hand, it is not a good idea to travel too often or only study there. To get the most out of your study abroad and student life in South America, it is best to strike a balance between exploration and learning. 

Many students don’t take immersion programs and language studies seriously because they think they won’t need to use this knowledge anywhere.

This is an essential part of your study abroad experience. As an international student studying in South America, it might be good to consider a career abroad.

However, you should also be careful about mismanaging your finances. The region’s colorful landscape presents many opportunities and temptations to spend money. However, it is essential to remember that this money could be used to gain other experiences rather than accumulate materials.

Wrapping It Up:

Not least, international students who are studying in South America have many scholarship options. For example, the President’s Undergraduate Scholarships are for international students studying in South America who are interested in undergraduate studies.

There are several postgraduate scholarships programs, including Chevening Scholarships, BE.CAR Scholarships in Argentina and Conicyt Imperial Scholarships in Chile. Students can also apply for financial aid, such as the President’s Ph.D. Scholarships, Ciencia sem Fronteiras in Brazil and Conicyt Imperial Scholarships in Chile.

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