Useful Tips On Starting A Field Service Business

By Sumona

November 3, 2021

Field Service Business

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Many entrepreneurs dream of running their own business due to the fruitful and rewarding nature of the process. Many do it for the thrill of success or the passion for learning, but what can hinder executing such a project is not knowing where to start. This can apply to just about any idea, for example, a field service business.

The field service industry is vast and filled with endless opportunities, but it is crucial to have a solid plan of action in place that will enable you to set the business up and scale growth.

Here are some valuable tips that will help you start your very own field service business.

Chalk down a business plan

Chalk down a business plan

Once you have decided to venture into a field service business, the first step should always be to create a business plan. The thought process should begin with keeping your business goals and objectives in mind.

The entire plan should detail the vision, mission, and strategy of the business. You should also highlight the structure of the company and the services being offered, which will help identify the sort of hiring you will need to do. Next, be sure to include a financial model that will help keep the business afloat and run its daily operations.

Building Process and Operating Procedures

Undoubtedly a field service business has several moving parts, such as a core team and also labor and field agents who perform the tasks on site. This makes managing the entire field force tough, especially as the business begins to grow, which is why it is imperative to have a strong grip on management from the get-go. The best way to achieve this is to lay down standard operating procedures for every component of your company’s operations.

Once you have done the groundwork, you can then introduce process automation which will make things faster and much more efficient. For example, dispatch scheduling software can bring ease in creating schedules, managing materials, and shipping invoices. Everything will run smoothly and will eliminate any room for errors and delays.

Hire the right workforce

A business is as successful as the people who are part of it. This is why it is extremely important that you hire the best team to work for you, especially in the initial stages where you will need high-performing individuals who will help create credibility in the market and grow the operations from the ground up. Have a recruitment plan and budget in place for office roles and hire accordingly.

You need to also have specialists on the team based on the number of services you are providing initially. These specialists should then employ a force of technicians who will be working in the field. Hiring should not be the end, but you should also focus on training and upskilling your employees to keep them updated with the latest information, tools, and techniques needed to perform their duties better.

One of these tools is a field service dispatch app, This app makes it easier for customer service representatives and dispatchers to assign the right technicians, with the right knowledge and skills, to the right service jobs — on the fly. Field service management software gives employees tools to efficiently and effectively manage scheduling and dispatching. Moreover, this tool can also help handle other business areas, such as call booking, cost estimates, financing, invoicing, payments, payroll, marketing, time tracking, accounting, reporting, and inventory management.

Build a customer base

Build a customer base

You can have all the pieces of the puzzle aligned, but without having a client base, your field service business will not be successful in the long run, which is why you need to keep your focus on business development and landing new clients. This can be difficult in the initial stages because people are hesitant in trusting new companies but dig into your personal network and community to start getting projects.

Focus heavily on customer experience so that you can gather positive reviews and word of mouth. You can then begin to get referrals to land bigger and high-scale projects. To showcase reviews and get high-quality referrals, make sure to keep a digital presence alive through social media and a well-built website.

A well-designed website can help your business gain more potential customers. To realize this goal, you must include your complete contact information, including your phone number, email address, and physical address. Don’t forget to post your credentials, like license and permit numbers, to boost your credibility and attract more prospects. In addition, you can include a contact form or a live chat option, a convenient way for potential customers to contact you through your website.

Consider going mobile

Nowadays, customers are on the go, which certainly applies to a field service business. Gone are the days when bookings were made in person or via phone calls. They now want speed and ease from the comfort of their homes, which is why you should consider building a mobile application for your business or use an existing service like OverIT. This will allow customers to view your services, go through reviews, and book services easily. You can also track the industry by monitoring the number of ongoing projects, labors assigned, and the company’s overall health.

A great way to fully go mobile is to create a dedicated business app for your field service company. That way, your field service employees and customers can effectively and efficiently use the app for communication purposes. Moreover, you can also assign tasks, set up schedules, and perform other business functions without using a desktop computer. Hence, service tech performance and customer feedback monitoring become easier


There are many moving pieces when it comes to starting a field service business, but if you start from the basics that we just highlighted, it will break down the initial steps you need to take. Once you begin, remember to keep your eye on the milestones you have set for the company and adjust and adapt along the way.

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