What Great Startups Do Differently In Mumbai

Published on: July 12, 2021

Last Updated on: August 9, 2021

In Mumbai

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Mumbai is the city where dreams come true. If you’re looking to start your entrepreneurial journey, this city could be just the base you were looking for to get started. In case you’re considering coworking spaces in Mumbai rather than setting up your own office.

When you are in Mumbai, it could give you a lot of options to suit both your budget and preferences. But if you’re still debating why moving to Mumbai is a good choice, it’s because the startups here do certain things differently to increase their success rates than their counterparts in other metros. 

4 Great Startup Options In Mumbai

Mumbai is the city where every dream is coming true. And every person who is moving to Mumbai has dreams. And when you are in Mumbai. Your success chances are getting higher, including your struggle and the lessons.

Here are some of the key ones, from which you too could learn a lesson or two to succeed with minimum struggle. 

1. Have A Solid Plan

1. Have A Solid Plan

Great startups in Mumbai have almost always started with a solid plan that clearly mentions both their short-term and long-term goals. 

The short-term plan charts the details about what the startup is going to do and how it plans on doing it. The long-term plan is about ways that can help grow the startup quickly. 

Mumbai startups do their research well before putting a solid plan in place that’s as accurate as possible. Additionally, they know these plans need to be flexible as they may need to be tweaked or changed significantly over time to achieve success. 

2. Start Networking Early On

2. Start Networking Early On

Networking can help you build connections with people, who can then help your startup get off the ground and even assist in various other ways. Either the people you’re directly connected to or someone in their extended networks could help you find a mentor, get funds, enjoy easy access to professionals like an accountant, lawyer, web designer, and do a lot more.

 Great startups in Mumbai start creating network connections and getting referrals long before they’re ready to launch to ensure they already have a support system in place. This helps minimize the risk of failure for such startups. 

Additionally, it has the potential to become a key component in the ongoing success of these startups, provided the connections built are nurtured over time.

3. Be In The Company Of The Right People

3. Be In The Company Of The Right People

Owners of successful startups in Mumbai make sure to be surrounded by the right people. These could be the strategic partners, mentors, employees, etc. Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey, and naysayers could often bog you down. 

That’s why it becomes important for these owners to pick their core team right and hire the most suitable people, which are crucial components of success during the startup’s initial growth phase. 

Since a person can’t do much alone, he would always need a competent and reliable team of the right people to take some burden off his shoulders. And it’s this approach that’s a key element of why Mumbai-based startups succeed. 

4. Work From A Coworking Space

Working from a coworking space helps Mumbai-based startups in a lot of ways, from assisting them in charting the business plan and getting initial funding to finding mentors and collaborators, networking with the right people, and getting easy access to startup accelerators and incubators.

 A lot is brought under the same roof at these coworking spaces. And perhaps this is the reason why several startups that have made it big in the past had started their journey from a coworking space in Mumbai.

 When you are a startup, we all know you are pretty prepared to do the hard work. But the right direction of hard work is offering you success in a faster manner. So identifying the right path is a secret to success.


In Mumbai, you will get hundreds of startup options. But always fix your goal and your daily routine. Because these two are leading you to the right path and you will reach your destination with minimum effort. These three ways are turning your work simple and less struggled.

Now that you know the recipe of success when are you setting up your Mumbai-based startup?

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