Texting Girls: 4 Rules You Should Know

By Sumona

April 29, 2022

Texting Girls

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How not to get yourself blocklisted while texting girls? How to write correctly? And most importantly, what to write about her?

Nine out of ten men write in standard memorized phrases, so a woman quickly loses interest, just like you lose interest in a conversation with a girl from a call center who speaks to you based on a template.

Correspondence can stir up emotions, or it can be tedious and Asian brides from would rather clean the room than go on a date with a boring gentleman. Your task is to heat up their interest, get them into the game, and allow the illusion that they are the ones who choose. 

4 Rules For Texting Girls Which You Should Know

 texting girls you like most is an adventurous thrill feeling. But that is not all. You are becoming more energetic after you are getting the numbers of your favorite girls. And then you are starting to test them. This is not actually a correct approach for texting a girl. 

You must know first what type of things and etiquette you have to maintain while texting a girl. Of course, you do not have to maintain the Edwardian etiquettes. But there are certain types of things which you have to keep the girl’s privacy.

Here are the four steps of correct correspondence with a girl:

1. Be Original

Be Original

Templates and spamming are the main scourge of the 21st century. If you’re texting her like everyone else, asking standard questions out of decency or some other reason, think about it. Why would she want to waste time with you? 

A woman values intelligence and manners. A sense of humor is an indicator of your intelligence. And the brain is the sexiest organ of a man. Show funny side: jokes, non-standard answers. 

Put it in a small message or correspondence on social networks. “Did you dream that you traveled in space?”, “Have you already conquered Everest today?” — be original. The first contact is crucial. Remember that.

2. Ask The Right Questions

Ask The Right Questions

Open-ended questions are those that cannot be answered in one word yes/no/good. They encourage a detailed response. These are questions like: 

  •   What are your plans for today?
  •   What exactly did you like about this series?
  •   What are your impressions after the trip? 

She will begin to answer you in detail. You can ask her the following questions, and you will start a conversation. Don’t ask her how she’s doing. Ask her how she’s feeling. Girls texting games are like a sneak and ladder. 

Some of your words will boost up her mind. But unusual sayings can result in you the block listing. So yes, even you on processing romantic relationships can get a full stop processing romantic relationships.

You speak with a girl and evoke your emotions in her. So, appeal to the feelings, ask about them! “What got you interested in this?”, “What feelings did you have after this event?”.

3. Respect Her Privacy

Respect Her Privacy

Don’t be annoying, and don’t text her too often. Of course, you can show concern, but only when she tells you something on the topic. While doing the girl texting, do not enter her private space. 

Even some of the questions which are related to her privacy can make them feel uncomfortable. And as a result, they are going to leave your conversations.

Her mother has already sent her a card of the day and wished her a good mood, and she can have a lot of things to do. Or she just wants to be alone a bit — give her freedom and respect her boundaries. 

When there are too many of you, she starts to get annoyed, but you need to make her miss you. Know your worth: communication with those who miss you is valued.

4. End The Dialogue First

End The Dialogue First

Ideally, give her a boost of mood and say goodbye. Reappear when the working day comes to an end. Remember that the main thing in correspondence is to make her want to meet you in person. And this is good for understatement: lack of communication, topics that you want to discuss. 

Reserve the right to end the conversation, say goodbye, and leave the girl interested. Yes, relationships are like an onion. You will see more colors after you peel the single layers. 

If you are peeling the whole onion, there is nothing to see. So for keeping your girl interested, better preserve the interest level.


Texting girls are exciting. Especially! When you have special interests over the girl. But you do not want to ruin your whole game while making some mistakes. So what to do? Better avoids making these four mistakes. And when you are going to avoid making these types of silly errors, you will be a strong player in the girl texting game.

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