What Should You Do If An Injury Occurs In The Shop?

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A shop can be a dangerous place.  With many industrial tools at work in automotive, machining, and metalwork shops, the risk of bodily injury is quite high.  You are entitled to workers’ compensation when you are injured at a shop you work in.

Workers’ compensation is covered in depth by the Industrial Commission of Arizona. However, this information will state that you are not required to have an attorney. However, it is a good idea to contact a lawyer versed in such hearings, considering how complex a workers’ compensation hearing can be.  For attorneys that can help you with workers’ compensation click here to read more.

Common Shop Injuries

The first thing to understand when dealing with machines that are capable of cutting, bending, and breaking steel or other metals is that a human body is not capable of withstanding such forces.  It can be instinct to try to prevent an accident by trying to catch or stop an object.  We tend to do this without thinking. 

There is a phrase, “a falling knife has no handle.” It is a warning to never attempt to catch a falling knife because you are very likely going to get yourself cut.  Nowhere is this phrase more appropriate than working with industrial machines capable of manipulating metals much stronger than flesh and bone.

Improperly placed or missing guards

Guards exist for a reason. They are there to stop those overriding instincts to try to catch or stop something, as mentioned. They are a physical barrier that helps remind us to always be aware of how dangerous these machines can be. Properly placed and secured guards are one of the first lines of defense in preventing a shop injury such as an amputation. Machine guarding helps prevent such injuries that will result in permanent disability.

If guards are removed from a machine in a shop, and you are hurt due to this, you may be entitled to compensation. Investigations in these types of accidents will review the machine and if it was being used properly. Always make sure to use a machine as intended, with all of the guards properly in place.

Improper Training

Another area that can help prevent a common shop injury is understanding your tool. Certain tools will have dangerous reactions when used improperly or when their operation is not completely understood. Lots of cutting tools tend to have a recoil or kickback.

This kickback can result in the tool moving wildly or flinging the object being cut. A person needs to be properly trained on the tools they will be using and understand the dangers of such instruments.

A lack of training is not your fault. It is the responsibility of the shop owner to make sure their employees are properly trained on all of the machines, especially machines that are capable of bodily dismemberment.

Repetitive movement injuries

Some businesses have actually implemented stretching routines pre-shift to help stop injuries that can come from making the same motion over and over. Stretching cannot stop all injuries from happening, though. When working a job where you must do the same motion day in and day out, the muscles can get fatigued or strained.  This leads to injuries that are going to need rest to recuperate.

When you are the recipient of an injury caused by repetitive movement, you are also entitled to workers’ compensation. Sometimes companies may fight back on these claims due to you having to take a considerable amount of time off of work to recover from such an injury.

This is another reason to hire a lawyer to help negotiate if you are not provided proper recovery time. By not being provided the proper amount of recovery time, the injury is just more likely to happen again and possibly get even worse the next time it happens due to the initial injury never getting properly healed in the first place.


Injuries in automotive, machining and metalwork shops can cause permanent disability. When this happens, you will need help ensuring your workers’ compensation covers you. Get the help you need by hiring the right attorneys; click here to read more.

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