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Top Things That You Can Do With Online Pdf Tools

Published on: April 13, 2023

Last Updated on: January 4, 2024

With Online Pdf Tools

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Not for many decades has PDF been in use. It has now become a most useful and universally accepted file format for businesses. Creating a PDF is easy and simple! All you need is software that supports it and makes it viewable on your devices.

But what do you consider if you have to make a few changes in the document? These features are supported by the PDF reader.

To give you the freedom to make changes in your document at the time of need, there are various online PDF tools that you can explore through your browser without downloading them. Thus, here are some of the tasks you can perform with an online PDF editor tool.

What Are Online PDF Tools? 

A digital PDF tool refers to any document reconstruction software that helps users in multiple ways. While there are a plethora of uses, the primary use of an online PDF tool is to help users create Word files to PDF and vice versa. One of the best things about these tools is that they are highly cost-effective. 

In the later section of the article, we will discuss a few popular online PDF tools. There is a blend of free tools and paid ones. But even the paid PDF tools have inexpensive plans, and one can easily subscribe to them. Thus, get ready to discover more interesting facts about PDF tools.

Top 5 Features Of Online PDF Tools

The internet is full of PDF tools that make your life easier. But how to choose the right one for yourself? Have you ever thought about it? You just need to find these 5 features in your PDF tool, and that’s all:

Convert Files

One of the most advantageous functions of using an online PDF tool is you get the opportunity to make any document changes. If you want to save your PDF as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or other, you can convert it using online tools.

To make the changes in documents and save them as Word files, you can choose an online editing tool. A classic example is Soda PDF to Word. You can convert your document easily with all the options. Not only can you convert PDFs into any other files, but you can also convert files into PDFs.

It will make your job easy as you don’t have to download individual software to make changes to your files. With one tool, you can make all the possible changes without investing your money and wasting your time.

Edit The PDF

If you want to change the content or add images to your PDF, it is possible with online PDF tools. You can simply visit the website and drop your PDF there to make the changes. Whether you want to delete some content or add a signature to your document, it is easy without any hassle.

The edit function will offer you numerous opportunities to make changes to your document and make it more presentable.

Secure Your Files

Whether you are a student or a businessman, you will need security for your PDF at some level. Mainly to prevent the information from leaking out. The security of your document is possible with an online PDF editing tool. Or you might also remove or add the password to your document for specific users.

You can also restrict access to your files. This way, you will be sure about the information and can keep it confidential.

Online PDF editing tools give control over your document, which is something very advantageous for many people.

Optimize PDF Files

Many businesses and students face storage problems when it comes to storing files. The main reason is that many files contain larger footprints in MBs, which demand more space from the device.

To solve the storage problems, online PDF editing tools offer smaller footprints. Further, they make your file compatible with all kinds of devices without affecting the quality of content and images used in a document.

This saves you more space and makes it easy to share. The reason is that it will take only a few seconds to make a transfer.

PDF File Cloud Collaboration

Are you working in a team of a few members? Then, you are most likely to work in the cloud. Not only you have to make these files accessible to everyone, but also simultaneously. 

 In such cases, collaboration is the key to success. All you have to do is search for annotate tools that consist of an easy sending functionality. Moreover, it should integrate well with usual enterprise management systems. One such example is the Google Drive or even Microsoft Office. 

Benefits Of Online PDF Tools

Now that you know the top features an online PDF tool must have, check out the benefits that come along. Let’s see how it makes your life a little more easier:

Make Files Universally Accesible

In its base form, a PDF ensures that almost anyone can view, access, and edit these files without any interruption. Things become a lot more simplified with PDF readers on various platforms. 

This accessibility eventually lets businesses share significant information with clients, stakeholders, and employees. Also, there is nothing to worry about software restrictions. 

Maintain Document Integrity

PDF has an open standard nature that ultimately guarantees the document’s integrity. It continues to retain the actual layout, fonts, and formatting, irrespective of the type of platform or software it is used in. 

Furthermore, business users might distribute the documents with the assurance that recipients will receive them in the exact same way. This maintains the accuracy as well as professionalism of the content. 

The Bottom Line

To sum up, PDF offers robust security features like encryption, digital signatures as well as password security. Online PDF tools simply make our work easier and streamlined with their most assorted features. So, if you are using them already, it might be a good time to start! Thank you for reading the article till the end. 



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