Main Types Of Trade Show Displays

By Sumona

September 7, 2022

Trade Show Displays

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Trade show exhibits are the most effective forms of visual presentation.

They are available in a wide variety of designs, styles, functions, mobility, and ease of setup, and they may generate a display that will attract attendees’ attention to your booth.

Some trade show displays can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, while others can cost less than one thousand. Displays for trade shows can be purchased to fit virtually any price point.

There are modular, personalized, and portable options available. Exhibitors have the luxury of modifying their displays to meet a variety of sizes and adding a wide variety of accessories thanks to a modular design.

4 Prime Types Of Trade Show Displays

Custom exhibitions can be modular but typically give the most expansive presentation options. Portable displays are less complicated to assemble, disassemble, and transport than traditional displays.

1. Pop-up displays

Pop-up displays

Portability, ease of setup, a more affordable price point, and a wide variety of possibilities to customize your display are all advantages offered by pop-ups.

In most situations, they are employed to provide the appearance of a solid back wall. It can increase the display’s effect by including graphic mural panels, allowing it to convey a more personalized message.

To produce a giant fabric wall or picture wall, pop-ups make use of a frame that unfolds in an accordion-like fashion. This provides a structure that may have fabric or graphic panels mounted to it to achieve the desired effect.

Personalizing the pop-up booth can be personalized by adding customization options such as lights, monitor holders, and shelving.

Even the case has a use because it can be transformed into a meet and greet platform by adding a plastic top and wrapping it with fabric or graphic “wraps.”

2. Panel trade exhibits

Panel trade exhibits

Panel systems, similar to pop-ups, give the appearance that a trade show exhibit has a solid back wall; however, because panel systems are slightly more structural, a greater variety of uses may be found for them.

3. Hybrid displays

Hybrid displays

Exhibiting can be given a contemporary and up-to-date appearance using metal extrusions, logos, dye-cut panels, counters, and other elements.

Hybrid Exhibitions are a fantastic custom appearing to step up in value from ordinary pop-up walls. They may make your firm stand out more without the hefty price tag typically associated with custom exhibits.

The majority of models may be compacted into a few panel cases, making them not only portable but also simple to assemble. The setup is more challenging than a pop-up, but not by a significant margin.

4. Truss


Truss systems provide an exhibit with structure and arguably the broadest range of design possibilities. Truss can be used to create virtually any show shape, including unique kiosks, suspended displays, and traditional perimeters.

There are many kinds of truss, from the robust proper lighting truss you see at performances to the design truss used for exhibitions.

Truss can be transformed into counters, shelves, seats, podiums, displays, and more by having powder painted in various colors and covered in designs. Truss is the best option for displaying large visuals.

Wrapping up

One of the most powerful advertising tools for trade show booths and pop-up displays are portable, lightweight trade fairs flag stands. Displaying attention-grabbing banners on the banner stand will give you an edge over the competition and help you get noticed.




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