5 Types Of Attorneys Entrepreneurs Should Have In Their Legal Team

Published on: November 2, 2022

Last Updated on: March 11, 2024


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From registering your business to resolving business disputes, entrepreneurs need to work with different types of attorneys. While small business owners prefer to work with selective attorneys when the need arises, big corporations establish their legal advisory teams to guide them at every stage. 

Nevertheless, the attorneys ensure that organizations operate without a hitch and accomplish their objectives. 

Now, the burning question is- if you do not already have a legal team- who should you hire and why? To get the answers, continue reading! 

Not necessary every time. Only experienced attorneys can sort out the cases. There are certain types of issues that entrepreneurs’ attorneys can solve.

Types Of Attorneys Entrepreneurs

Here are the five different types of entrepreneur attorneys every legal team should have.

1. Business Attorney 

The primary responsibilities of entrepreneurs and business attorneys include offering advice and other legal support regarding numerous business facets.

They ensure that your company adheres to various business regulations. In short, from licensing to working procedures, everything is done in accordance with the business attorneys law.

Business lawyers typically assist with legal issues that emerge over the course of operating a business. It includes corporate law litigation, business formation, compliance, and business expansion. 

Note: It’s important to remember that business attorneys don’t deal with the same legal issues as employment attorneys. Instead, they are only involved with operational issues and a company’s entire structure.

Conversely, employment lawyers address the problems related to job discrimination and employment contract disputes. 

2. Criminal Defense Attorney 

Another must-have attorney in your advisory team is a criminal defense attorney. It is quite common for businesses to get sued by customers or clients for a variety of reasons. Therefore a criminal defense attorney can safeguard from such allegations and restore the brand image. 

Similarly, entrepreneurs often have to attend official events and corporate parties. In such situations, they may get drunk or intoxicated. Though opting for rideshare services when drunk is recommended, some people may still try to drive the car. As a result, they may get indulged in a DUI case. 

Here, a DUI criminal defense lawyer services will come in handy. They can assist the offender throughout the case to ensure you receive the best outcome. Moreover, they can lower the possible penalties significantly.

As a DUI charge on the entrepreneur can affect the brand reputation and market value, seeking help from a DUI attorney can mitigate the damage as much as possible. 

3. Intellectual Property (IP) Attorney 

You’ll probably require an intellectual property (IP) attorney if your business includes patents and trademarks. These entrepreneurs’ attorneys are qualified to handle issues related to trademarks, copyrights, brand recognition, and patents. 

They can further ensure that your company isn’t violating the IP rights of other businesses. Since most business owners aren’t do not get the training to recognize when they’re breaking the law, an IP attorney becomes a vital resource.

Thereby protecting the company from lawsuits with the biggest settlements (financial) involving IP infringement. 

4. Merger & Acquisition Attorney 

Businesses often deal with the purchase and sale of assets and property. During these conversations, your rights might not always be prominent.

Therefore, you might indulge in an unprofitable negotiation. Fortunately, if you have an M&A attorney on your team, they can protect your interests in the negotiations. 

These professionals are familiar with the subtleties involved in mergers and acquisitions. The other side will attempt to negotiate the best terms for their advantage. Hence, it is not wise to attempt the complex merger and acquisition procedure without the assistance of an M&A attorney. 

Furthermore, the documentation procedure of an M&A transaction is quite complex. These entrepreneurs’ attorneys are acquainted with the regulations governing pensions and the contractual rights of employees, thereby ensuring a smooth process. 

5. Tax Attorney 

As you might already know, business taxes can become challenging. That’s why you must have a certified public accountant to ensure compliance with accounting and tax laws. 

A CPA is useful when your whole business is audited. However, there are some instances where individual tax authorities decide and sue your company. For that, you should consult a qualified tax attorney. The attorney will ensure that you comply with the tax laws and safeguard yourself. 

Hiring tax entrepreneurs and attorneys would still be a handy option when you are decided against using a CPA’s services and learn that the CPA you are selecting is unqualified or dishonest. 

To Sum It All Up

Having a legal team is essential for the success and growth of the business. It ensures that the company complies with federal and state guidelines and other possible legalities.

In addition, a team of qualified attorneys will work hard to protect the firm, entrepreneurs, and employees from potential legal penalties and lawsuits. This eventually assists in improving the company’s reputation in the market. So, make sure to consider this guide when formulating your advisory team. 

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