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20 Ways To Use Automation To Improve The Customer Experience

Published on: August 25, 2023

Last Updated on: September 12, 2023


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CX– Customer Experience really matters for businesses to do well in today’s competitive world. Studies say that 86% of shoppers are ready to pay extra for a better CX. This makes using CX automation a smart choice for companies that want to make more money, keep customers coming back, and be unique.

Let’s look at 20 ways to use automation to make CX better at every step of how customers use a business:

1. Automated Content Creation

Using AI writing assistants to make content without human effort gets rid of the need for boring trial-and-error. This lets marketers think more about important plans. Automatic systems can create blogs, posts for social media, and pages for your website that match your brand and what your audience likes.

2. Listening to Customer Needs

Tools that help in customer experience automation (CX), like software that analyzes phone calls and bots that get feedback, take a lot of customer information and turn it into useful advice. This helps you fix problems before they become big instead of just fixing them when they happen.

3. Advanced Chatbots

AI chatbots work all the time and give quick and personal help through messaging apps, websites, and emails. They can talk like real people too. Gartner thinks that by 2022, 70% of the time when customers talk to a business, they’ll be talking to AI.

4. Knowledge Management

Software for call centers that uses automation to manage information can help agents quickly solve customer questions. It does this by showing the right information from what’s already known.

5. Streamlined CX Processes 

Customer experience automation (CXA) puts together data from different places so you can see one clear picture of each customer. This helps make things simpler and better when customers connect with your business. It uses tools like workflow automation and smart predictions.

Here is the chart that explains customer satisfaction by the customer experience on a website.

6. Call Center Innovation

Call centers can use automation in new ways, like noticing patterns in conversations and helping agents in real-time. But even with this, having a human touch is still important. It’s about finding the right mix of both.

7. CRM Automation

Leading CRM platforms like Salesforce integrate automation to track customer data from various sources, trigger contextual communications, recommend optimal interactions, and more. This enables highly personalized engagement.

8. Self-Service Options

Customer self-service solutions like FAQ bots and account management portals allow consumers to conveniently find information or conduct transactions independently. This also reduces call volumes.

9. Consistent Experiences

Automation facilitates consistent CX by systematizing processes ensuring uniform handling of customer interactions, and eliminating human error or oversight. Customers are more likely to trust brands that deliver standardized quality engagements.

10. User-Friendly Websites

SEO and automation together can optimize website format, presentation, loading speed, and accessibility based on user engagement data. Automated web enhancements directly improve site navigation and overall online experience.

11. CX Analytics

Automated analytics leveraging technologies like NLP break down unstructured feedback data from surveys, reviews, and social media to discern CX patterns and trends. All these contribute to the sentimental analysis, which greatly helps you to understand your customer base and ultimately get an idea of what your customer wants.

12. Personalized Recommendations

Behavioral data and purchase history can be processed by automated recommendation engines to serve up targeted product suggestions to each customer across channels. This nurtures loyalty through relevance.

Also, it helps your customers to get back to shopping easily by providing personalized recommendations. But do you know how this works? Thanks to the cache memory which stores your information such as previous purchases etc to give the best result.

13. CX Automation Platforms

Comprehensive CX automation solutions like synchronizing data across systems to execute tailored cross-channel campaigns triggered by customer actions and preferences.

14. Predictive Lead Scoring

Automated lead scoring relies on past actions and suitability standards to give potential customers scores that show if they’re ready for sales. This helps sales teams concentrate on the most promising opportunities.

By using automation to assess leads, salespeople can put their effort where it matters most, making the sales process more effective and efficient.

15. Intelligent Surveys

AI-powered survey tools bring advanced capabilities to the table. They can design questionnaires that work best, pick the right people to ask, send reminders at the right times, make sense of answers that aren’t in a clear format, and suggest ways to make surveys even better.

These tools streamline the survey process, making it more accurate and insightful, which ultimately helps businesses gather valuable information and make informed decisions.

16. CX Forecasting

Automated predictive models empower companies to simulate CX impact and forecast KPIs like customer satisfaction ratings for changes to products or journeys before implementation.

17. Customer Segmentation

Grouping customers into segments with similar behaviors and motivations through automation facilitates more targeted, impactful engagement across both mass and personalized communications.

18. Omnichannel Integration

Automation seamlessly links CX data across channels like mobile apps, call centers, stores, and websites to enable consistent tracking and servicing of customers.

19. CX Process Mining

Automated process mining tools analyze customer journey patterns and pinpoint CX optimization opportunities. This saves time versus manual evaluation and provides data-driven direction.

20. Account-Based CX

For enterprise clients, automation coordinates CX across all users under one account. This entails collaborative ticketing, unified data, and tailored account plans.

Final Thoughts

In today’s experience economy, leveraging automation to optimize CX across the customer lifecycle has become table stakes. The possibilities are virtually endless, whether enhancing legacy systems or enabling emerging innovations. The winning formula combines automation and human touch into CX that feels personalized yet consistent. With disruption inevitable, the brands that will thrive are those embracing change and harnessing it to forge lasting customer connections.


  1. How does automation in customer service benefit consumers?

It allows them to be served quickly 24/7, resolve simple issues independently, and receive highly customized recommendations and content.

  1. What are the risks of over-automating CX?

Brands can lose sight of the human element, which remains essential. Finding the right automation/human balance is key.

  1. How can companies align automation with CX goals?

Continuous feedback loops, constant iteration, and updating approaches alongside technological change ensure automation strategies evolve with customers.

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