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When Do I Need To Use Official Translation Services?

By Sumona

March 2, 2022

Official Translation Services

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If you have looked into using translation services before, you will probably have come across the term Official Translation Services, but it can be hard to decipher what this is and when you need to use an official translation option. Let’s have a look at what exactly official translation services are, and when you might need to use them, plus when you can use standard translation services instead.

What are official translation services?

What are official translation services?

Official translation services are any translation where the translation can be verified. To make it more confusing, official translation services are also called certified translation services or guaranteed translation services in some places, but these are effectively the same and they mean the same thing – the translation has to be guaranteed to be accurate.

This is normally done by a translator who is registered with a certain certification body or someone else with a profession that allows them to be trusted to confirm the accuracy of a translation.

For example, if you needed a degree certificate translated, you may have to get it translated by a professional translator who can certify the translation, or you may need to get the translation certified by a professor at a college. The certification of the translation basically means that someone has legally sworn that it is accurate and correct.

Why are official translations important?

Official translations are important because they stop people from fabricating documents or getting a translation wrong. Some people will try to create fake paperwork, which needs to be stopped.

Having someone certify a translation means that the original document exists and that the translation is an accurate representation of it, helping to avoid and prevent fraud. It also means that the document is accurate, helping avoid problems where, for example, someone might get hired based on an inaccurate certificate translation despite not actually being suitable for the role.

When do I need to get an official translation?

Now that we know what an official translation is, let’s look at some of the times when you are most likely to need an official translation service.

Typically, any field where there are legal implications will need an official translation, since these are the times when the accuracy of a translation is most vital, and when it is important that the original document is properly represented. This includes:

Court documents and witness statements

It is vitally important that everyone can fully understand documents that are used in legal and court proceedings. This kind of official document would most likely be certified by someone within the legal field. Birth certificates, marriage or divorce certificates, and immigration paperwork

Our birth certificates and marital status are huge factors in immigration. Any immigration paperwork, including these certificates, will likely have to be translated as an official translation. This is because countries often keep a strict watch on immigration, and they want to make sure that people do not lie in order to enter the country. One perfect example is if you are moving to the United States, you will definitely need a USCIS certified translation of all your legal documents. You may try to get in touch with Languex for your translation requirements.

Academic records and qualification certificates

As already mentioned, when hiring someone or picking someone for an advanced study path, there is a lot of emphasis on making sure that their academic record is accurate and true.

There are plenty of ways out there that people try to forge or fake academic certificates, and it is understandable that employers or universities may want any applicants to provide an official translation of their certificates in order to make sure that the applicant has accurately represented their skills and experience.

What makes a translation official?

What makes a translation official?

An official translation will be easily recognizable when you look at it. It should have the date of the translation, the name, and details of the person who did the translation, as well as a signature confirming that the translation is true and accurate.

If you think you need an official translation service for a file, it is always best to check with who you need to submit the translation. If you cannot do this, you could err on the safe side and get in touch with a certified translator to translate the item for you – if, in doubt, it is often best to have the best translation you can, as this will often be of the most useful to you.

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