5 Useful Staging Tips For Selling Your Home in 2022

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May you believe that a clean doormat or correctly spaced furniture can make a difference in a home’s selling price? They certainly do! As many specialists in the sector, such as estate agents in Ilford, will agree, first impressions matter and have an immediate impact on the viewer. Customers are attracted to staging, which is a type of visual marketing. So what are the staging tips for selling your home?

5 Staging Tips For Selling Your Home In 2022

Property staging can be a lucrative way to increase the value of a home. It also requires disengaging emotionally from home and viewing it through the critical eyes of a viewer, recognizing the benefits and drawbacks, and then working on the negative elements to make it favorable for selling your home as professionals such as Barkingside estate agents will advise. 

A few staging suggestions are provided below to help enhance a home’s sale price. 

1. Kerb Appeal

Kerb Appeal

Making the first long-lasting good impression of your home is one of the most crucial ones. But often, this idea is overlooked, but every time it needs consideration. A sense of proper cleanliness is necessary to impress potential buyers. The windows, as well as the floors and the walls, should be perfectly cleaned. If the windows have issues, then it would be best to have them replaced with double glazing windows Bristol. An excessively grown lawn and the dirty porch space might turn off a potential customer faster than anything else. 

A solid and well-maintained front door with matching door latches can provide security. This door is looking more appealing for potential buyers. If there is an allocated particular area for garbage rubbish and bin storage, that would additionally be helping, as wheelie bins are indulging the untidy appearance of the house and selling your home will be an easy process

Most people appreciate having lush gardens, so if you don’t have room for soil plants, window boxes with bright, cheerful flowers could help to create a welcome atmosphere. 

2. Declutter, Repair, And Redecorate!

The house should be as empty as possible so that viewers may see themselves living there in the future. Remove all personal things and memorabilia (such as photographs, fridge magnets, and keepsakes). 

It is not a good idea to leave clothes or toys lying around. Except for hand soap, bathroom counters should be left bare. Sellers should make sure that all repairs are completed and that every fixture is in perfect working order. Any broken or cracked windowpanes must be replaced. 

Before your home gets put on the market, it is a good idea to repair any patches or small cracks in the plaster on the walls. Also, if your flooring hasn’t been updated in years, calling in the professionals for new flooring installation may make a huge difference and a great first impression on the prospective homeowners.

3. Painting


The sight of dingy walls might be disconcerting. Even if you prefer vivid colors, a neutral color is preferable for prospective purchasers because they may then add their own personal touches to the foundation if desired. If painting isn’t an option, a power wash can assist achieve a similar result. 

4. Organize Your Furniture And Space

The majority of potential property buyers will measure up the available free space in order to determine how it may be maximized. It’s critical that they see that every nook and cranny can be used. An attic room may be converted into a home office, and you can turn your finished basement into a recreation room. Your goal should be to make the house look as big as possible. It’s a remarkable idea. You must apply for it before selling your home

You will be surprised to see how much extra space can be generated by simply moving furniture and discarding the additional” furniture. Furniture that is placed away from the walls can help make the room appear larger. 

5. Lighting


Lighting is one of the benefits of having decent lighting when selling a home. Because natural light is preferable, curtains and blinds should be pulled and elevated. If natural light isn’t accessible, artificial lighting can be installed to make your home appear brighter and more pleasant. 

Simply cleaning the bulbs and leaving the lights on will increase the amount of light available. If there is a dark nook, a lamp atop a bookshelf may help to illuminate it. 

A blend of high, mid, and low-level lighting can help to create a welcoming atmosphere. In the hallways and kitchen, brighter lights are required, while lower power bulbs will suffice in the living room and bedrooms, making them cozier. 

However, before implementing the following staging suggestions, consider who could be interested in purchasing your house. Knowing which age group they belong to, whether it’s the younger generation, families, or retirees, would be beneficial. You can follow them before selling your home staging guidelines more quickly if you have a general notion. A public staging might be done if your home is open to buyers of all categories.


There’s no denying that staging a home for presentation to potential buyers can increase the selling price. Professional cleaners and consultants may be hired, depending on the budget, to supervise the cleaning and reorganizing of furniture and other fittings to maximize the buyer’s interest. If it isn’t possible, a house seller can always stage their house interior to get the higher bidding price by simply following the above selling your home guidelines.

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