5 Uses Of QR Codes For A Measurable Marketing Campaign

By Arnab Dey

May 19, 2023

QR codes

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QR codes have become quite a prominent part of our life, especially in the post-COVID world.

Whether you’re trying to buy a piece of paper or paying a restaurant, you can easily use it to reimburse whatever’s asked of you. You can even let people follow you on social media through the unique QR code generated through the application or tool.

But do you know why the QR codes were actually invented?

It was in 1994 when the Denso Wave company came up with the idea of creating something new to track their vehicle manufacturing process. And they had invented a unique QR code for each of the four-wheelers they had to check where it was going.

However, the scenario associated with QR codes has changed entirely. According to a recent study on QR codes, over half of the restaurants in the U.S. started using QR code menus, and they are becoming even more popular for scan-to-pay transactions.

Now if you want, you can use QR codes to develop a marketing campaign that’s measurable and well-strategized as well. Let’s keep reading this article till the end to get more information in this regard.

How to Use QR Codes for Marketing?

QR codes, if used properly, may help you improve your current marketing strategy as well as the performance of your brand immensely.

Here’s how you will be able to do it.

1: You Can Direct Consumers to Your Site.

Once you scan, a simple QR code might sometimes lead to your landing website or a signup page. It can help you eliminate the stress of going through the entire job of getting to a website and navigating through it. So in a way, it would help you direct your consumers to where you want.

However, to do this entire thing, you will need to ensure that you’re using a unique URL matched with a new QR code. It has to be created from scratch, though.

2: It Can be Used to Refer to Your Business Number.

If you are going to a business conference, you will certainly engage and interact with many people in your industry. So if you use a QR code in your station or booth, then you can simply give it to the interested people. They can scan this code as well as get your business details accordingly.

Sometimes, you may even tweak this QR code a little to dial the phone number of a receiver. This way, you can pitch your business model or offer to them directly for better lead conversion.

3: You Can Make People Download Your Applications.

After scanning the code, it will redirect you straight to the app’s download page and initiate the download process. For example, prominent apps like Angry Birds have utilized QR codes as part of their marketing campaigns. Similarly, Spotify has introduced QR codes for their songs.

Users can now simply share or suggest music by scanning it, which will automatically appear on the recipient’s device. There’s no need to pay anything at all.

4: QR Codes Can be Used to Promote Discounts and Promos.

One of the most prevalent applications of QR codes in marketing is offering discounts and promotions. Customers can receive receipts or menus directly on their mobile devices by presenting a unique QR code. This way, it will be much easier for you to get their attention.

Considering these factors, you can effectively incorporate QR codes into your marketing strategy by providing a clear call-to-action (CTA). However, it is crucial to ensure that users do not have to guess how to interact with your QR code. No one likes inconvenience, to be honest.

5: It Can Reveal Your Business Location.

When a website visitor intends to visit you in your office, it becomes convenient for them to scan the code by using their phone. This eliminates the need for them to manually search for your address present on online maps. This code will provide precise directions for reaching your business location, streamlining the navigation process for them and making it easier to get connected to you.

However, using QR codes without any security protection might be a little risky for you. So, make sure to do your bit in that aspect to prevent any inconvenience.


If used properly, QR codes can definitely make your life in the marketing segment improve a lot more than usual. But, if you are still unsure about something, we will ask you to talk to someone who is an expert in this regard. You can also undergo a study on QR codes to get some more data or information about them. It may take some time to digest, but it’ll be quite helpful for you too.

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