Guide To Getting Started In The Vacation Rental Management Business

By Nabamita Sinha

March 23, 2024

Vacation Rental Management Business

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The travel market is booming with the increase in rental properties in the country. You, too, can make a business out of it as long as you have the right tools. That includes having vacation rental software

It will benefit you with multiple features like calendar management, traveler or tenant management, vendor management, listings, etc. 

Consider looking out for the best Airbnb management software in the market. That will help you in one way to stabilize and streamline your bookings. However, there’s more to the vacation rental management business than just software to leverage. 

So, if this type of business is of your interest to you, find more insights in the blog post below to jumpstart it legally and gradually.

What Do We Mean By A Vacation Rental Management Business?

A vacation rental management business is one where you manage short-term rental properties on behalf of the owner. This could be an apartment, villa, bungalow, duplex, or similar other properties. 

Depending on the location, amenities provided, available rooms, packages, etc., the prices and offers will differ. As a vacation rental property management business owner, you have responsibilities like:

  • Marketing different properties that you’re managing or owning.
  • Listing properties on various travel and tourism websites to get more traction, leads, and bookings. 
  • Managing the bookings, calendars, and reservations of different properties at once. 
  • Maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of each property that you manage. 
  • Communicating clearly with the owners, staff members, and/or tourists/travelers planning to stay in one of your rental properties. 
  • Keeping track of the earnings and expenses incurred because of each reservation and booking, reporting back the same to the original owner of the property. 
  • Executing and overseeing all the administrative tasks for managing the seamless daily operations of the rental property. 

How To Set Up A Vacation Rental Management Business For Yourself?

Set Up A Vacation Rental Management Business

Choose The Business Model Of Managing Properties You Shall Provide. 

You can offer a complete, marketing-only, or operations-based business model to the property owners. Each type of business model requires more intervention and attention. 

When you are offering a complete business model, you need to be present for your customers and property owners all the time. You might have to physically visit properties often to inspect them. 

You can do marketing and operations-only business separately for different properties. It depends on your bandwidth, finances, and the efforts you want to put in. Most of the marketing efforts can be online with seamless communication with the staff and real-time surveillance. 

For operations, you might have to frequently visit properties to keep everything in check. 

Choose A Good Name For Your Vacation Rental Management Business.

A good name for your rental management business will attract more business and sales for you. You can decide on a name based on a particular type of property you want to manage. So, then your target customers and travelers can find you easily. 

However, if you’re doing a partnership with someone for this business, you might have to include the partner’s name in a rental business name. Read the local company registration laws before deciding on a good name.

Choose The Right Software And Tool To Manage And Streamline Daily Activities. 

If you want to manage multiple properties together located at various locations, you need software in place. This short-term rental management software helps you streamline all the bookings in one place.

You can send a partial screenshot or recording to the stakeholder. Otherwise, send the reports about their property’s earnings, bookings, and expenses. 

The software lets you communicate with all the stakeholders like travelers, frequent visitors, tenants, and owners seamlessly. You can send them automated responses as well to save you time in the long run. 

Decide What Type Of Revenue Streams You Want To Accomplish. 

You can have either a fixed fee or commission-based revenue model for your rental property management business. It depends on what type of earnings you want. If you do not want to take a risk with the business go with the fixed or guaranteed type of revenue. 

Otherwise, for low-risk and high-reward types of earnings, go for fee or commission-based revenue streams. The more bookings you can get, the more you will continue to earn. 

Thus, if you think you have a strong business acumen and presence in the market, this type of income stream can work for your business. 

Check How Many Partners You Would Like To Include Or Invite In Your Business. 

You need to have multiple partnerships or contracts with vendors like cleaning staff, hospitality staff, laundry and toiletry suppliers, etc. 

Then, you can partner with investors to increase the promotions and marketing presence of your business and open franchisees of the same in another country or state. 

So, choose such partners carefully after careful financial analysis. Hire a chartered accountant for the time being to study your financials if you’re not good at it to decide the suppliers, vendors, and financial promoters you want to do business with. 

Ensure To Map Your Customer Segment Correctly.

Be aware of the customers you want to attract and deal with. That means checking the type of rental property owners you want to indulge with. Then, find which type of travelers you want to connect with and attract them for frequent visits. 

Promote your rental business ads to their feeds accordingly then. For instance, young travelers are open to exploring new locations and properties. They often would be exploring the surroundings of the property more. 

The seasoned and working professionals often are frequent visitors if you provide them with excellent hospitality and premium experiences. 

Finalise Distribution Channels. 

Find multiple channels online to list your rental property business and the properties you manage. It will help you get more visitors regularly. You will then spend less on distributing the marketing presence of your rental business. 

Most of the listing websites are often free, which allows you to market and distribute the name of your business for a long time there. Leverage this and invest time in their dashboards to check the quality of leads you get from these listings. 


We mentioned the way to start your short-term vacation rental property management business in the post above. If you’re ready, follow the tips above including the right software to leverage, listings to complete, partnerships to hunt, and eye-catching names to register.

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