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Published on: August 19, 2023

Last Updated on: October 18, 2023

Youtube Views

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Getting views on YouTube takes a lot of work. The effort it takes to reach a few thousand views takes years. And you might want to give up.

How can this issue be resolved?

You can buy YouTube views. In this blog post, I’ve listed the top 7 sites after testing more than 20 websites that sell YouTube views.

What Are Youtube Views And Likes?

It’s crucial to comprehend the genuine meaning of YouTube views and likes to comprehend the method for buying them. The actual YouTube views indicate how frequently a video has been viewed. They demonstrate how well the audience receives the video and represent its popularity. 

On the other side, YouTube demonstrates how much the audience values and approves of the content. Together, these data weave a picture that illustrates a video’s impact and affects how the platform’s algorithms will find it.

The Top 7 Websites To Buy Youtube Views

Buy Youtube Views

Here, we will discuss some very important websites that allow us to Boost our social media platforms. Boost Social Media’s online platform is one such example that takes your website to another level. Let me offer you a quick insight:

1. UseViral

You may use it to purchase actual YouTube views with

This website buys real YouTube views from actual individuals, encouraging them to engage with your content and spread it throughout their social networks. UseViral has been ranked as the top website to purchase YouTube views in Forbes and HuffPost. You’ll receive:


  • Real buy YouTube views.
  • Guaranteed money-back for active users


  • They reject Bitcoin as payment.

Visit for additional details

2. SidesMedia

It is the second best site in my list,

This service offers views on YouTube that come from active people. These individuals will view and also give out your films to other users. In blogs like “Business Review” and “Jeff Bullas,” SidesMedia was recommended as the finest place to buy YouTube views.


  •     Real views on Youtube
  •     Active YouTube users
  •     Money-Back Guarantee


  •      A free trial offer is not available on this site.

3. Boost Social Media

Boost Social Media, a service provider for social media marketing in general, will help you with cost-effective and top-quality packages for not only YouTube but also for all other social media platforms. Boost Social Media is among the best places on social media platforms to buy YouTube views.

On this website, you can purchase YouTube subscribers. Additionally, you may buy YouTube likes. Also, you may buy comments on YouTube. 

The nicest thing about these people is how much importance they place on protecting the social media data of their clientele. You can purchase these advertising services by contacting their customer care team for delivery issues.


  •     A top-notch YouTube growth service provides inexpensive packages.
  •     Additionally, you may buy YouTube likes from a seasoned digital marketing team and services for account growth.


  •     Possibly won’t make your videos show in search results

4. Managergram

The second website on our list is automation tools on social media that has been around for a while, so we would be very shocked if we hadn’t heard of it before.

You don’t have to be concerned about being banned from YouTube because these people ensure they don’t utilize spam bots or accounts. Their features are based on legitimate efforts on social media. Furthermore, automation is always current with the latest trends.


  •       Fast YouTube growth
  •       Quickly promote your video content
  •       Good customer service provider


  •     There is no free trial available.

5. SlickSocials

The next website on our list can assist you in growing your YouTube channel. It is a social network and PR business that focuses mostly on Instagram.

They have reasonable and high-quality packages, so whether you want to boost your account entirely or also want to be able to boost your Instagram profile, they can assist you in boosting your videos with high-quality engagement. It’s one of the most well-liked locations to purchase YouTube subscribers.

One thousand views will only set you back $0.99, and 50,000 views will run you $49.99. As a result, they are mainly concerned with offering their customers high-quality features at a reasonable price.


  •     Real View on Youtube
  •     You can buy many services on this website
  •     Huge Network


Won’t be considered if you want to monetize your YouTube channels.

6. Followersup

The particular websites on this list can help you out without using bots and spam accounts, allowing you to take the benefits of their top-notch services without having to wonder if the firm you are working with is giving you spammy results.

They are quite knowledgeable in digital marketing and are fully aware of how the YouTube algorithm operates and how to work around it.

As a result, they provide their clients with various packages to select from, and if you’re currently working with a limited budget, 50 YouTube views will only set you back $1.


  •     A reliable website and expert social media marketing
  •     It’s easy to buy YouTube view packages
  •     With the help of this website, you will be able to boost your social media platforms easily


You can visit this site for more information.

7. Growthoid

On the website Growthoid, you can purchase YouTube views for a fair price. They provide a quick customer support crew and quick delivery if you have any questions. Numerous business blogs, including Outlook India and the Deccan Herald, have written about Growthoid.


  •     Inexpensive bundles
  • Fast Delivery
  •       Cash-Back Promise


There is no free trial available on this site.

For more information, you can visit


How much is it to buy 1,000 likes on YouTube?

Depending on the particular service provider, package options, and overall quality, the price to purchase 1,000 likes on YouTube might vary significantly. The price range might be as high as $50. Doing your homework and picking a reliable service that fits your budget and ethical standards is crucial.

Is it OK to buy YouTube likes?

Although it’s typically not advised, buying YouTube likes can temporarily increase your perceived popularity. It may compromise your channel’s legitimacy, go against YouTube’s rules, and negatively impact it long-term.

Can YouTube pay for 1,000 views?

Thanks to the YouTube Partner Program’s ad income sharing scheme, YouTube can pay content producers for every 1,000 views on their videos.

Does YouTube only allow 5,000 likes?

No, there is no set cap of 5,000 likes on YouTube. Beyond that, users can like other videos.

Final Thought

We have uncovered a fascinating tapestry of online involvement by probing the dynamic world of YouTube views and likes. We have seen how these seemingly unimportant measurements weave the fundamental fabric of online influence through the maze of algorithms and the pulse of human preferences. 

Beyond the surface, there is a profound story of resonance and connection, where each view and like represents a virtual nod of approval and shared inspiration. As we end this expedition, we have a newfound appreciation for the creativity and connectivity that underlie the YouTube phenomenon. 

This appreciation serves as a reminder that, in the vast digital universe, every click can influence trends, start conversations, and touch lives in ways we have only just begun to imagine.

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