Make a Career Using Sports and YouTube

By Sourav Ganguly

April 15, 2021

Make a Career Using Sports and YouTube

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There is no substitute on the planet for a person who dreamt of becoming a professional sports athlete only to be dealt a bad hand of cards, either due to injury or unforeseen alternative circumstances. But if you are like me, and your passion has always focused on the sports industry, Youtube

Whether that be journalism, sports betting, online sports gaming, or podcasting; you can keep a smidgen of your dream alive by working towards a sports industry job through YouTube.

Do you have a growth mindset? Ok then read on for our advice guiding you through multiple avenues that could kickstart your career towards a sports industry job using YouTube.

The Sports Betting Industry

Online gambling has become one of the most profitable entertainment industries in existence. Understanding how to gamble and do it responsibly has created career paths for thousands of talents worldwide.

If your expertise in one particular sport impresses your friends, former co-workers, or even family – why not attempt to make your opinion go public?

Make a Career Using Sports and YouTube

A problem for many people is having the confidence to go forward and air an opinion, but do not let the bright lights and trolls dishearten you.

Understanding the sports betting market is an underrated talent. In history, confident sports handicappers have become millionaires by selling their betting picks or simply giving free advice through the YouTube platform. For example, Doc’s basketball tips are highly sought after because of their expertise on the topic.

Sports handicapping is an art form, and you do not necessarily have to own experience in sports to excel in this field. In fact, some of the most significant sports bettors have zero experience in professional sports and focus on probabilities, numbers, and odds.

You can start by reading free picks and sports news, and from there, you can evolve your knowledge by studying the sports betting industry and maintaining a healthy bankroll.Once you have accomplished enough and feel confident, you can either start your own YouTube channel or take a position at an already existing company.

Sports Journalism & Podcasting

Perhaps your journalism experience has not provided a reputable career, and you are losing options? Well, if sports are your forte, the skills you have obtained can transition into a wider audience through sharing what you have to offer on YouTube.

Sports Journalism extends beyond the television set in 2021; the power of the internet has enabled unknown people’s talents to put their skills on display to the world. You can innovate a business, And with YouTube becoming available to anybody with a Gmail account, a completely free user base has turned nobodies into famous sports media journalists.

Maybe the word journalist is intimidating, or you feel unqualified for the position. Well, fear no more because the world of podcasting has been just as/if not more advantageous than journalism itself. So, you have to keep some podcast ideas in your mind And there isn’t much that separates the two; podcasters in sports on YouTube and multiple other platforms such as Spotify, Apple podcasts are now making a living by simply talking about their passion for a sport or sports in general.

The Joe Rogan Experience is an excellent example of a sports-related talent that can turn their small, box-room podcast into the most valuable asset in podcasting history. Joe Rogan is a mixed martial arts journalist who began talking about pop culture, comedy, politics, the UFC, and everything in between. His podcast is now being downloaded 200 million times per month and filled his pockets with a generous $30 million in 2020.

First, Rogan would struggle for guests and utilize his minor fame generated through comedy and UFC colour commentary. A decade later, his guest list includes some of the world’s most famous people like Elon Musk, Miley Cyrus & Mike Tyson. Contrary to popular belief, Joe Rogan and his UFC platform were considerably low in popularity during the early years – meaning that hard work, dedication, and the ability to express yourself in front of an audience can alter anyone’s life forever.

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