An Honest Nomad Capitalist Review

Nomad Capitalist, founded in 2012 by entrepreneur Andrew Henderson, is a leading offshore consultation firm.

The concept was born when US native Andrew Henderson, although primarily living overseas, was still paying hefty taxes at home.

As with all businesses, especially ones with well-known faces like Andrew Henderson, online feedback ranges from rants to excellent 5-star reviews. Here, our aim is to give you our honest review of Nomad Capitalist.

Nomad Capitalist

Specializing in reducing taxes and second and dual citizenship for high net-worth individuals, this Capitalist is an international business with 60-plus staff located across the globe.

Nomad Capitalist offers a holistic, bespoke service along with a personalized plan for ultra-high-net-worth individuals. They have also published thousands of articles and YouTube videos that anyone can access, covering a variety of topics, including dual citizenship, tax residency, how to invest overseas, second passport options, more freedom, and starting a new life abroad.

Andrew Henderson is now a well-known and respected public figure. He makes an excellent argument for using offshore strategies that include business relocation and second citizenship. He also shares a lot about his own journey of leaving his home country and cutting ties with the US government.

On the Nomad Capitalist website, you can read thousands of articles on everything that is involved in going offshore, with an overview of many countries and what is implicated in paying taxes there. There are also helpful guides and indexes, including the Nomad Passport Index, that break down the highest and lowest rankings passports in the world.

 Reviews Related To This

You have likely seen both positive and negative reviews of Nomad Capitalist and founder Andrew Henderson. It can be a challenge to sort the incoherent rants from legitimate and fair reviews. We have done the research in order to provide you with an honest review of it.

Every business or service provider will receive a broad spectrum of reviews and comments, from hateful spam to rave reviews, and Nomad Capitalist is no different.

For a balanced and honest view of both negative and positive feedback, review sites such as Trustpilot are a great source. What we have found is that Nomad Capitalist generally receives very good to excellent scores across the board. Reviews

You can also find past and current client feedback on the Nomad Capitalist site that gives you a pretty good idea about what exactly their services entail and what customers value.

Here are a few happy customer reviews:

“Working with Nomad Capitalist has been a great experience. Their creative approaches to my situation outperformed the strategies I’d previously researched. Implementing the plan with my case manager, Adriana, has been a rock-solid experience. She went above and beyond throughout the entire process, and I cannot recommend her or Nomad Capitalist highly enough!” – Ben.

“Anahit has always been on top of it when it comes to my file, and she takes the time to answer everything thoroughly and thoughtfully. She’s also been diligent with me when I was not with myself, a very important trait to get things done”. – Samir

“Andrew and his team did a great job guiding us through the complex process of setting up an offshore strategy. They made sure everything was legal and exceeded our expectations by efficiently setting up our company in Hong Kong and establishing foreign residency. We are happy to have chosen to work with them and highly recommend them to anyone serious about legally setting up an offshore strategy”. – Steve and Patty

Nomad Capitalist Book Reviews

As well as the YouTube Channels, Nomad Capitalist and Nomad Capitalist R&D, social media content, and the thousands of articles on their homepage, founder Andrew Henderson has also written the best-selling book of the same name.

Updated in 2022, Nomad Capitalist, the book is a bestseller that examines the concept of going where you’re treated best.

The Nomad Capitalist Book gets 4.5 stars on Amazon. Here are a few reviews:


“This is not a book that will teach you how to do everything offshores but will open your eyes to the possibilities of offshore structuring and lifestyle, this is more of an intro, a very brainy intro, into the world of international vagabonding and structuring – it’s more of a lead into his conference events.

His YouTube channel is a lot of value and constantly updated. He’s a good thought leader in the space and very intelligent.”- Nick.

You CAN go where you get the best treatment!

Andrew makes a compelling case for going where you are treated best! Too often, we just do what everyone else does without considering that there may be choices that would be better for us over time. Improving your lifestyle and getting more control over your assets may actually be in your own best interest. And if enough people do what is in their own best interest, eventually, that will improve things for everyone. Your opinion or “vote” in many matters might be ignored, but when you vote with your money, it always counts.” – ABurro.

Good Guideline

It helped me as a guideline to navigate through other countries and what to expect in lowering your taxes legally.

Event Reviews

The Nomad Capitalist yearly live event has become massively popular, and those wanting to attend will need to join a waiting list for the opportunity.

Nomad Capitalist Live has had some impressive and famous speakers, including Entrepreneur and YouTube guru Tai Lopez, Rapper, Author Zuby, Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, etc. The four-day conference is held in international locations like Mexico and Kuala Lumpur, where attendees learn about what it means to be a global citizen, personal freedom, taking your business overseas, second citizenship, taxation strategies, and offshore banking.

Some testimonials from guests include:

“What an extraordinary, fun, informative event at NMC Malaysia… privileged to have attended. Mr. Rogers and all guest speakers, not forgetting us inquisitive invitees who attend, was truly an adventure.. so very cool.”

“The event was a fantastic experience. Lots of interesting sessions and speakers, as well as networking opportunities. The hotel was perfect for this purpose. A special thanks to Nina for being so welcoming and helpful.”

“The Nomad Capitalist Live event was enjoyable and gave insight in to additional citizenships, passports, and residences, along with other related subjects. The whole team were very well-spoken and knowledgeable, and well done to Nina for coordinating the event.”

The conference is also popular as a great opportunity for networking and meeting other Nomad Capitalists.

Is Nomad Capitalist Scam Or A Legit Business? – Our Honest Opinion

Although, clearly, there are many who are extremely impressed with Nomad Capitalist, there are also less positive reviews online. There are many scam artist copycat individuals who have popped up in recent years, trying to emulate what Andrew Henderson and Nomad Capitalists offer.

Positive experiences and reviews, however, greatly outweigh these somewhat ranty and spammy posts and reviews.

We encourage you always to do your own research when looking for a business review. However, in our honest opinion, Nomad Capitalist and its founder, Andrew Henderson, are trustworthy and professional.

Although this service may not be for everyone as it is geared towards high net-worth entrepreneurs and investors, it might be for those who do meet the client criteria. Hence, Nomad Capitalists with the right service as the leaders in offshore consultation and plan creation can do miracles.

There is a lot of free, accurate, and valuable content available on their websites and YouTube, and from our research, their client services are just as valuable and highly rated.

In our opinion, Nomad Capitalists are a highly professional team

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