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5 Best Apps for Movies in 2022

By Sumona

March 30, 2022

Apps for Movies

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Ever since movies have come into existence, it has become a significant source of entertainment for people. And there are good reasons why people love movies. It fills people with new emotions, something they forget to experience.

The thrill, the romance, the anxiety, the drama, the sheer excellence of dialog delivery, and the execution of actors, directors, sound designers, and producers — all come together to bring a new world. A world that you may never get to live in, but the experience alone is enough to shape your perspective towards life and fill you with new emotions.

But the question is, where do we find the movies? Yes, Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Apple TV+, and Hulu all sound good — but they come with big bucks.

That is why we dove deep onto the pages of the internet and managed to find the five best apps for movie lovers. Of course, all these apps are accessible on computers, mobile devices (iOS and Android), as well as streaming devices. So, you can consider them as firestick streaming apps or Roku streaming apps too.

1. Tubi TV

An American-based free streaming service, Tubi TV is a Fox-owned enterprise that allows users to watch movies entirely free. As a bonus, Tubi TV brings on-demand features that allow users to request the movies they want to watch and watch them for free.

Moreover, the user does not even have to sign in to watch the free content. And this best explains the enormous publicity of Tubi TV. It has over 33 million active monthly users, a rate that is increasing by over 65% YOY.

Coming to what Tubi TV includes: you will find anything and everything on Tubi TV. Be it the popular movies, TV shows, or even live TV — you name it, Tubi TV has got it. There are also viable options for children. From Kung Fu Panda to Sonic the Hedgehog — Tubi TV has got everything covered for you and your family.

There are over 20,000 movies of all genres, including Suspense, Drama, Thriller, Critically-Acclaimed, and recent releases.

Nevertheless, one of the most significant drawbacks is Tubi TV does not have any original content like Netflix or Amazon Prime Videos. But then again, Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos do not come for free.

2. Disney+

Disney+ does not get the publicity it should, mostly because people do not associate Disney+ with serious-level streaming. But it turns out, Disney+ has brought the best movies and TV shows for the users. Plus, it would help if you didn’t forget that Disney+ is the one place to watch the latest Pixar releases.

Moreover, if you want to turn out the time and watch your favorite Star Wars movies — Disney+ is the platform for you. You can watch some content on the app for free; however, its premium subscription costing US$ 8/mo is the price worth paying.

Furthermore, Disney+ may not have a massive library like Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos. In fact, it has just 7000 episodes of TV shows and 600+ movies — but all of them are worth watching. Also, do not forget to weigh in that an extensive library doesn’t always mean that the streaming service is substantial. Most of the time, you will be confused with the massive list of items.

3. Popcornflix

Another free option like Tubi TV; Popcornflix has over 1500+ free movies and several TV shows on the platform. Once again, you do not have to sign up or fret with registrations; just install the app and watch your favorite movies and TV shows for free.

However, signing up could be helpful because Popcornflix allows you to sign in via mobile, streaming services, and a computer environment. And it remembers the last watch and allows you to resume the content, eliminating the need to search for the content again. Meaning you can watch it anywhere, anytime with Popcornflix.

However, you will have to watch some ads while watching the content. Nevertheless, it is crucial to note that Popcornflix has one of the largest collections of free movies, and watching a few ads per movie is the only price you have to pay to watch the movies on the platform.

4. Sony Crackle

Yet another free streaming platform, Sony Crackle, also has a pretty extensive list of television shows, movies, and other video content.

Although we have listed Sony Crackle fourth in the list because of several ads per movie and episode, it includes premium content like Seinfeld, Sanford and Son, Dexter, The Walking Dead, Homeland, and more. Even in the case of movies, Sony Crackle will not disappoint with the list. Be it any genre — Comedy, Crime, Drama, and Anime — Sony Crackle has got you covered. It will allow you to watch all the notable and newest releases without charging you a dime.

Moreover, one of the most significant disadvantages of Sony Crackle is that it doesn’t allow you to stream the content in HD or FHD. The maximum allowed quality is 480p, which of course, may sound like a crime to movie buffs.


IMDB TV allows you to stream premium movies for free with ads. However, the service is limited to US citizens only. Nevertheless, you can access IMDB TV online from anywhere (using a VPN).

Moreover, IMDB TV online includes some serious watchable content like — Despicable Me, That’s My Boy, Puss in Boots, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Fight Club, American Psycho — for entirely free. Additionally, you can watch the content in HD or FHD quality too.


We did not consider premium services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Hulu, and Apple TV+, because, let’s face it, who hasn’t heard of these services.

Of course, these premium services are high-priced because they include some watchable content. Plus, they include originals that are not accessible via any other platform.

Nevertheless, if you do not desire such an extensive library and want to settle for less, the above streaming apps are the way to go!

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