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Can You Get Paid to Play Cube Solitaire on Your Phone? Find Out!

By Sumona

December 29, 2021

Cube Solitaire

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Everyone is taught that only hard work pays, and therefore, it might come as a shock to you that people are earning money playing games on their phones, such as Cube Solitaire. While, of course, the money earned through playing Solitaire will not replace your primary income, it will surely help you pay small everyday bills like phone bills or restaurant bills.

Unfortunately, everyone in the USA isn’t privy to earning money playing Cube Solitaire because of the legislation and laws in place. The states that haven’t allowed cash tournaments include MD, WA, NV, MI, AR, AZ, LA, MT, DL, CT, TN, IN, ME, SD, SC, and GA. You can play the game for light entertainment if you live in these states. The free games also follow the same format as the tournaments, and you can compete with other online players.

If you’re intrigued, you must start to play Cube Solitaire online right away. However, there are only two criteria for winning –

  1. Free practice games don’t offer rewards. You have to participate in tournaments and cash contests to earn cash prizes. The tournaments charge an entry fee, but the winning amount is much more considerable. specific
  2. You have to win the game to get paid. Depending on the tournament you are participating in, you either have to score the highest or fulfill certain objectives mentioned in the tournament rule to get the reward.

Now that the earning part is clear, here are a few tricks and tips to help you augment your chances of winning. After all, winning is what counts when you want to get paid while getting entertained.

Cube Solitaire tricks to help you win and earn cash rewards

Cube Solitaire tricks to help you win and earn cash rewards

1. Draw a card from the deck for your first move to give yourself more options

The game’s objective is to stack all four suits in the foundation pile. You can stack cards together in the columns if they are one less in rank and of the opposite color.

To efficiently stack the cards, you must reveal as many cards as possible. The more cards you uncover, the more options you have. So, you can increase your chances of making a great move by revealing one more card right at the beginning of the game.

2. Don’t have a King? Don’t leave an empty spot

Cube Solitaire rules dictate that you can only place Kings on an empty space. So, if you don’t have a King, the empty spot won’t serve your purpose. It’ll remain empty for as long as you don’t secure a King card.

It is important not to clear a spot just because you can. You need to wait to get a King card and then clear the spot. Otherwise, you’ll be keeping an entire column empty and creating problems for yourself.

3. Play the aces and twos as quickly as possible

The aces and deuces will not help you uncover the hidden cards. What will they do instead? Weigh you down! So, place them in the foundation pile when you reveal them and get rid of them.

4. King cards are essential, but remember to play them wisely

While you cannot leave spots empty and the first card must be a King card, you must carefully decide which King to play. You must think a few turns ahead when making this decision and use the King that will help reveal more cards.

A black King will need a red Queen, a black Jack, a red 10, a black nine, and so on. Similarly, a red King will need a black Queen, a red Jack, and so on. So, you need to see which King has more cards that you can work with and then play that card.

5. Make the most use of the undo feature

A basic rule of the game is that you won’t get hurt by what you don’t know. If you choose to move different cards, you need to select to move the card with the longest pile. If the movie doesn’t serve your purpose, hit the undo button and go back to one move. Sometimes, the right move can make all the difference, and therefore, remember to use the undo button when you are in the middle of an intense game.

6. Know that there are few unsolvable games, so you don’t get frustrated

There’s no point getting frustrated and ruining your mood because you cannot solve the game. You need to know that all Cube Solitaire games are not solvable, and hence, save yourself the trouble. You can try your best to win every game. However, do not lose hope if you lose a few. You can use those games as a learning curve.

7. Hit submit if you think you cannot solve the game

As mentioned before, all games are not solvable. If you are in the middle of a game that you can’t solve, it is best to hit the submit button early on. Then, you’ll earn a timer bonus, and maybe, that’s what you need to win the game and beat your opponent.

Summing up

Cube Solitaire is one of the most popular Solitaire variants, and millions of people enjoy creating card sequences and arranging them in order. It is a great pastime, and now you can even earn money while enjoying your favorite activity. So, download and check out the ongoing tournaments that you can partake in to win big.

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