What Are The Best Paying Jobs In Major Pharmaceuticals?

What Are The Best Paying Jobs In Major Pharmaceuticals

What are the best paying jobs in major pharmaceuticals? The pharmaceutical industry creates some of the most rewarding career options for aspirants. Starting from the ideation of medicine to its production, research, tests, and distribution, all come under this industry’s work.

The importance of the medical industry is undeniable. With the growing population across the world, the healthcare industry needs to be stronger than ever. That is where aspirants like you come in. The growth of pharmaceutical industry jobs is steady and upward.

If you want to secure a position for yourself in this industry, then give this article a read. I have listed the best paying jobs in major pharmaceuticals. Most of these job roles help you earn between $50000 to $100000.

Top 10 Pharmaceutical Industry Jobs

Here is a list the best paying pharmaceutical industry jobs –

1. Medical Liaison

Average Salary: $51,340 per year

Medical science liaison is one of the best paying jobs in major pharmaceuticals. This role requires professionals to teach individuals, organizations, and governments about different medical instruments, treatments, or substances.

These professionals run studies to check how to treat medical conditions. They can also investigate data using medical samples. These professionals are also skilled at creating medical devices.

2. Pharmaceutical Financial Analyst

Average Salary: $71,022 per year

One of the best-paying jobs in major pharmaceuticals is the role of pharmaceutical financial analyst. This is a profession in the pharmaceutical industry with more finance embedded into it. They can track marketing trends and check out the current financial stability of an organization.

Pharmaceutical Financial Analysts are also experts at understanding the industry and business environments when advising managers and industry heads on how to operate financially. They also help a business with advice related to their financial operations. These professionals have a strong understanding of finance and how it works.

3. Regulatory Specialist

Average Salary: $75,143 per year

If you are looking for the best paying jobs in major pharmaceuticals, then this is one role you will find interest in. These are the professionals who help biotech and medicine companies gain approval for their products. They can help scientists and lab workers understand and follow the current government regulations when creating these products. Regulatory specialists in the pharmaceutical industry also help these companies stay compliant with the different regulations.

4. Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives

Average Salary: $76,351 per year

Pharmaceutical sales representatives work with different levels of workers in the medical industry. They communicate with doctors, nurses, and many other professionals in the industry. In addition, the sales representatives discuss the product descriptions and benefits with professionals in the industry. They also possess an extensive amount of product knowledge.

5. Clinical Data Manager

Average Salary: $77,197 per year

Clinical Data managers have the best-paying jobs in major pharmaceutical companies. They work with data analysts who gather clinical data and evaluate them. Furthermore, these professionals help with the collection and organization of data from clinical trials and tests.

Once the evaluation is done, they help understand what those data mean and explain the same to those who don’t understand. Clinical data managers also possess decent leadership qualities and are inclined to solve things mathematically.

6. Pharmaceutical Outside Sales Representative

Average Salary: $81,626 per year

Outside sales reps and normal pharmaceutical sales representatives are different. Also, outside sales representatives are responsible for meeting the target consumers of different medicines and equipment in person.

They meet different vendors, store owners, and medical professionals. Sometimes, they have to also represent their companies at trade shows. One needs a charismatic personality to become a medical sales representative.

7. Drug Manufacturer

Average Salary: $82,977 per year

What are the best paying jobs in major pharmaceuticals? Well, the role of a drug manufacturer is one of the key roles in this industry. In addition, they work with industrial production and supply of different drugs and medical products.

They produce different medicines in large amounts and send them to different supply stores, hospitals, and mail-order facilities. One must build knowledge and expertise in chemistry, biology, and different other elements of supply chain management.

8. Research Scientist

Average Salary: $86,876 per year

If you are looking for the best paying jobs in major pharmaceuticals, then the role of a research scientist would be one you can aim for. These professionals are responsible for discovering and creating different medicines. They also conduct research with different types of substances, natural and synthetic materials, and determine the pharmaceutical reactions and possible side effects of drugs.

They are often responsible for planning and executing different clinical trials. One needs to have comprehensive knowledge of chemistry and biology to be successful in this domain. Most importantly, their importance to detail makes these professional experts exceptional.

9. Pharmacy Manager

Average Salary: $117,828 per year

A pharmacy manager is someone who leads an organization for their employer in the pharmaceutical industry. They have to consult with many patients, train technicians and pharmacists, and schedule medicine delivery.

what’s more, a manager can work in disbursement centers, corner store, hospitals, or local pharmacies or grocery stores. Success in this type of job requires one to develop an immense level of confidence, knowledge of medicine, and different reactions.

10. Biotechnical Consultant

Average Salary: $137,073 per year

Biotech consultants are experts in technology and biology. They work with managers or different biotech organizations. Usually, their responsibilities include providing industry-standard guidance to managers for building improved medical equipment and medicines. Biotech consultants can identify conditions requiring treatment.

They can also spot the latest trends in the biotech industry. They can help industry leaders and managers identify new projects they should start working on. Successful biotech consultants understand treatments, different medical devices, and products in the industry. They know these well enough to provide helpful advice to businesses and increase their profits.

Final Words

So, these were some of the best paying jobs in major pharmaceutical. If you are an aspirant, you can choose from the many alternatives and examples provided here in this article. So, you can try being a pharmaceutical sales representative, a drug manufacturer, or work as a biotechnical consultant. However, each of those roles requires different levels of skills and qualifications. So, it is important to build your academic background and hard and soft skills to be job-ready for any of the above roles.

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