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How Hospitals Can Boost Patient Retention For An Opd Therapy Clinic

Published on: February 23, 2023

Last Updated on: December 9, 2023


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Rehabilitation is integral to medical treatment for most patients undergoing surgeries and recuperating from injuries. If you run a hospital, you will probably want to add an outpatient therapy clinic to provide comprehensive care. But setting up the facility does not guarantee retention. Churn rate is often a concern because many patients drop out before completing the recommended number of therapy sessions.

They may not experience optimal results, which can affect their overall satisfaction levels. It may even reflect negatively on your hospital’s reputation down the road. Fortunately, you need not do much to lower the churn rate and boost retention for your OPD therapy clinic. Here are a few actionable measures to retain patients for the long haul and ensure the best outcomes.

Provide Superior Care

Provide Superior Care

Nothing matters more than the quality of patient care when running a therapy clinic successfully. Start by bringing skilled and experienced practitioners on board. You can consider hiring professionals with physiotherapy specialties according to patient needs. Invest in quality equipment to match their expectations.

You can procure high-quality medical equipment at reasonable prices from trusted suppliers. Check company credentials, including business permits, licenses, and safety standard product seals. Also, read medical product and company reviews online or ask for expert recommendations from trusted medical administrators and organizations.

In addition, continuously train your medical staff to keep them updated on the latest treatments and patient care trends. Encourage them to attend medical seminars and conferences to hone their knowledge and skills.

High-quality care translates into trust, which makes them stick with your clinic in the long run. They may also share referrals and recommendations if they are happy with your services.

Identify Drop-Out Risks

Adherence is perhaps the most daunting challenge for patients and practitioners when it comes to physical therapy. The best approach is to identify drop-out risks early and go the extra mile while treating them. Watching people closely helps you pinpoint behavior suggesting a lack of motivation and commitment to the process. Likewise, they may also show a disinterest in the outcome. Consider working harder to build a personal connection with such patients to stay ahead of retention.

Keep and analyze your records to gain valuable insights into non-compliance and drop-outs. You can also invest in a reliable tool to track patients’ progress and the needs of your healthcare staff seamlessly. A centralized system can show historical and current data, allowing you to compare drop-out risks and contributing factors to help improve your services.

Enhance Efficiency With EHR

Enhance Efficiency With EHR

Efficiency is a game-changer when running a rehab clinic effectively and boosting retention. You can check Net Health software for Hospitals to understand how EHR software can integrate your OPD clinic’s system with the hospital information system (HIS) to ensure better services and outcomes. Besides improving patient experience, a specialty EHR can help with compliant documentation, refine operational processes, and establish a seamless revenue stream for your hospital.

Again, choosing a cloud-based EHR system eliminates the need to maintain servers or hardware besides your computers. It has a lower IT maintenance cost than legacy systems. With its smart integration features, you can electronically prescribe medications and order laboratory tests and results for seamless operations.

Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors

Setting up an outpatient rehab therapy clinic in your hospital does not ensure that all patients divert to it for further treatment. The industry is competitive, and your facility is probably not the only option. Studying your competition can help you enhance your services and offer the latest and best therapeutic alternatives. Consider running a clinic as a business, and strategize to stay ahead of your competitors.

Staying ahead of the competition also requires embracing digital transformation, such as investing in the right tools to boost patient retention in your clinic. For instance, a robust physical therapy or PT billing solution helps ensure you bill your patients accurately for processing healthcare insurance claims.

Build Loyalty

Build Loyalty

This one is a no-brainer because patient loyalty boosts long-term retention for a clinic. There are no shortcuts to building loyalty, so you must ensure the best experiences for them every time. From booking appointments to getting the best services, they should get all they want from your clinic. Asking for feedback is an excellent option as it shows that you care about their opinion. Moreover, acting on feedback is an opportunity to improve.

Adding therapy services to your hospital portfolio can increase your revenues and reputation. But you cannot take a complacent approach to the initiative. Follow these tips to run it seamlessly and retain your patients for the long haul.

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