When Is It Right To Avail Last Minute Delivery Service?

Last Minute Delivery Service

The market for last-mile delivery is booming. In 2022, the market for couriers and local deliveries in the U.S. hit a staggering $149.6 billion, representing a 4.8% growth rate industry-wide. With this kind of growth spurring competition, customers have more options for a precise last minute delivery service.

This industry growth reflects a significant rise in demand. In 2021, FreightWaves reported that ‘more than half of online shoppers’ ages are between 18-34. That is expecting the same-day of the delivery.

This number is also crossing over 60 percent of them. They say they would like to pay some extra to have their packages delivered on the same day with the requirements to start the last minute delivery service.

What Are The Requirements Of Last Minute Delivery Service?

Fast Delivery

With customers demanding access to fast, cost-effective delivery, shippers are rushing to integrate new, tech-enabled logistics strategies into their daily operations. 

However, as demand continues to grow and change, shippers must ensure that the logistics strategies they choose to implement are flexible. 

Shippers are increasingly turning to last-minute, on-demand delivery solutions to meet this need for flexibility. This is the reason for which the last minute delivery service is the only solution.

These fast delivery solutions provide shippers with the benefits of a full fleet of freight assets when needed and none of the hassle or expense of traditional asset ownership when they don’t. 

By carefully considering how last-minute delivery service can revolutionize their daily operations, shippers can better understand the full range of benefits these tech-enabled logistics platforms provide.

Understanding The Benefits Of Last Minute And Rush Deliveries

Last Minute And Rush Deliveries Benefits

The world is unpredictable, so why should we expect requirements to start a last-minute delivery service logistics to be any different? Partnering with a last-minute delivery service means that shippers can accommodate their customers’ hectic schedules and needs, ensuring they develop a loyal, happy customer base. 

Through close consideration of a few key benefits, shippers can better understand how to offer their customers the best last-minute service.

  • More Orders Completed The flexibility of an on-demand fleet of courier vehicles means that shippers can meet customer demand anytime. Since the vehicles operate on demand, shippers can have as many orders out for delivery as they can handle without worrying about the stress of traditional logistics dispatching.
  • Higher Profits A flexible fleet can mean higher profits for retail businesses. By avoiding ever-rising fleet maintenance costs and the accompanying staffing costs, shippers can save big on their bottom line.
  • Complete Visibility API-enable the last minute delivery service, which can offer shippers unprecedented visibility over their daily logistics operations. Invaluable tools like real-time delivery tracking, full-supply chain communication, and automatic notifications mean that the entire logistics team is on the same page.
  • Flexible Allocation With on-demand for the last minute delivery service, no order is too big or too small. Shippers can access a vast virtual fleet of freight assets through a partnership with an online courier service. Whether a shipper needs a box truck or a hybrid, an on-demand courier service is certain to have the right freight asset for the job.
  • Real-time Communication More often than not, missed deliveries result from poor communication. Real-time Communication between dispatchers, drivers, and customers mean that drivers spend less time waiting for customers to come to the door and more time on the road.
  • Better Customer Relationships With 41% of online shoppers expecting to receive their shipment in 2 to 3 days, it’s clear that customers want fast, reliable delivery. By offering

customers easy, no-stress delivery when they need it most, shippers can build loyalty among their clientele while maximizing efficiency in their daily operations.

Choosing Last Minute Delivery Service Options For Improve Delivery Performance

Choosing Last Minute Delivery Service

According to a report from delivery leaders in mid-2022, “U.S. parcel volumes are growing by six percent in 2021. And that margin is reaching a record high limit with 21.5 billion. That margin is exceeding 20.3 billion in 2020.

Carrier payments are exceeding in all the previous years. That figures numbers are totaling of $188 billion. It increases by 16 percent from $163 billion in 2020.” With the market on the rise, shippers are turning to API (Automatic Programming Interface) to enable last-minute delivery providers to improve their operations.

Shippers and customers can better understand the key advantages of a high-tech last-mile delivery platform for the last minute delivery service by considering a few scenarios.

1. High-Value Orders

With options like white-glove delivery, API-enabled last mile delivery services are ready and willing to transport high-end, luxury items.

Though these items, such as cars, jewelry, or designer clothes, require a special touch, the value they can bring to a shipper’s reputation can be well worth the extra effort. 

In addition to establishing a client base of high-end, high-paying customers, an association with luxury transportation can afford businesses valuable opportunities down the road for the last minute delivery service.

2. High Profile Customers

Partnering with high-profile customers–whether in construction or apparel–can give shippers the recognizability they need to flourish in a specific market. 

High-end, tech-enabled courier services can provide shippers with the freight asset they need to meet the demands of any industry at any time.

3. High Demand Items

Faced with global supply chain shortages, industries operating throughout the COVID-19 pandemic often found themselves in dire need of supplies, and fast.

Medical companies needed life-saving equipment, and home-builders were waiting months for appliances. These industries needed their goods the moment they became available. 

Luckily, a last minute delivery service courier shipping services offer access to the on-demand shipping they need to keep going. Through a partnership with an on-demand courier services provider, shippers can ensure that they help industries survive and thrive regardless of what the world throws at them.

4. High Market Volatility

In 2020, there were 131 billion parcels shipped worldwide. This figure has tripled in the past six years and is expected to double within the next five. However, despite this growth and optimistic predictions, the global shipping industry has a volatile reputation. 

By partnering with the last minute delivery service, and on-demand delivery services, shippers can maintain the flexibility of a minimal-fleet logistics strategy while maintaining the capacity to meet sky-high demand.

Capitalize On Last Minute Delivery Services And Reap The Benefits With GoShare

Delivery Service app

Last-minute delivery services offer businesses the capacity they need without the usual expense. Through a partnership with a tech-enabled, last-minute delivery service, shippers can access the unprecedented Visibility and capacity of an on-demand fleet of delivery professionals for last minute delivery service.

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