How To Choose An SEO Agency For Your SMB?

By Arnab Dey

May 22, 2023


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More often than not, small businesses need help with digital marketing endeavors, especially SEO. The main reason is that SMBs may not have the expertise or time to invest in an SEO strategy themselves. 

That is why they usually look for an SEO services agency that can help them out. As you may already know, there are a myriad of agencies today so it’s kinda difficult to choose the right one for your business. 

Needless to say, finding an ideal agency requires some extensive research. After all, you want the best quality service for the right price. That being said, here’s how to choose an SEO agency for your SMB.

Look at online reviews

online reviews

Nowadays, every company has a presence online. Their reputation, the way they do things and their success rate is all quite transparent these days. So if you’re interested in hiring a particular agency, you can always take a look at what their past clients have to say about them. 

There are many review sites out there and some companies even have client reviews and testimonials on their website. And if you’re ever in doubt about the information you find online, you can always contact an agency directly and ask them anything you wish to know about their services. 

Check the agency’s past work

agency's past work

Like reviews and testimonials, many digital agencies have a portfolio of their past work. In other words, they showcase all the successful campaigns they’ve worked on before. 

This is in fact a great marketing tactic because instead of trying to convince people that their services are worthwhile, why not show them their work instead? This way anyone can see that the agency can walk the walk and talk the talk. Agency’s past work will give you an idea if their services are right for your SMB or not.

Ask for recommendations

Ask for recommendations

As a business owner, you undoubtedly do a lot of networking every now and then. Networking is essential for establishing connections with other business owners, vendors, potential clients, and other relevant people in your industry. That being said, you can always ask colleagues and associates for recommendations. 

Someone you know may have worked with a digital agency in the past and they might be able to help you find the right one for your business. You don’t have to opt-in right always but it doesn’t hurt to ask so that you can check the information you got later on. 

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