Five Ways To Claim Your Rights After Being In An Accident

By Arnab Dey

October 13, 2022


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Society is built on the legal system maintaining law and order.

If we didn’t have a legal framework and accountability for our actions, humanity would seize to exist, and chaos would run rampant, like something out of one of the purge movies.

The American justice system is built on the principles of fairness and equality. The bad part is that most people don’t know their rights and would rather avoid civil disputes to save time and money.

However, there comes the point where you need to put your foot down and accept that you must take a stand for yourself.

Here Are Five Prime Ways To Claim Your Rights After Being In An Accident:

Claiming your rights when you’ve been in an accident is a factor you need to start practicing if things go wrong. Thousands of people find themselves victims of road rage and reckless driving. We must educate people on their road rights and serve justice where it is due.

This article points out some ways to claim your rights after being in an accident.

1. Do not admit your fault

One of the biggest mistakes people make when checking on the other driver is admitting they made a mistake. Moreover, you may think you are wrong, but road rules and prevailing circumstances may have caused you to act a certain way.

Remember, it is not for you or the other driver to decide who is at fault; it is the court’s decision, so refrain from making comments. The state of Tennessee sees its fair share of car crashes, especially in the central city of Knoxville.

car accident claim process

Any good Knoxville TN lawyer will tell you that a court has the final say on who was wrong, and admitting guilt could hurt your case.

We are not suggesting that you withhold the truth or even lie about blame, but take your time, sort your thoughts out and let the investigation decide who was at fault.

2. Get your camera out

Once you collect yourself, check on the other driver, pull out your phone, and either start taking pictures or make a video of the scene. This is an excellent idea for you to capture the initial moments after the crash.

Take a picture of the damage, license plates, the road, and the general flow of traffic if you can. Not only will this help you with your court ruling, but it’ll also give you a stronger case when you file your insurance claim.

Moreover, It also gives the investigators a chance to look at the environment around the crash site, a key factor when analyzing the case.

It’s always a good idea to document the scene of an accident and potential crime; whether you press charges or not, it should be a standard practice that you may want to consider to ensure your safety. Why? Because drivers get hostile after accidents to shift blame.

3. Get a medical check done

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries associated with car accidents. Even a mild case of whiplash can be uncomfortable. However, in extreme cases, you may not even realize that you have sustained a concussion.

Therefore, even if everything seems fine, getting a medical checkup done as soon as you are ready to clear the accident scene would be best.

 medical check

Moreover, once you are done with the general checkup, get a medical report to help supplement the potential court case. This is crucial if you sustained an injury because having documented proof is much better than claiming discomfort and pain.

The more evidence you provide for the case, the better your odds are of winning the suit. If you want to go with what you said and what they said, the case could go on for months or even years.

4. DO NOT get aggressive

Even if the other driver was wrong and you are fuming inside, don’t let it show. If you do, the other driver could provoke you and make you lose your temper. If there’s a physical altercation, you have lost the right to any potential claims you might have had and, in turn, may be sued yourself.

Stay calm and composed, and keep your wits about you. If you feel like you can’t handle the situation, put your head down and sit on the curb till the authorities arrive. It may seem weird, but many people go into shock after an accident and have no better way of coping than sitting alone.

Remember, losing your temper isn’t an option at this point. There are thousands of dollars and insurance at stake, don’t blow it.

5. Check on the other driver

We have been mentioning this throughout the article; however, it’s one of the most critical factors you need to consider.

Not only is it essential as a human being to check on a fellow in time of emergency, but it can go in your favor during the court case.

car accident on road

Imagine how negative it seems in court if the other person was hurt and injured, asking for help, and you did nothing because you were focused on your car. This shows a sense of malice and self-centeredness that could turn the magistrate’s opinion against you.

Check if they are okay, call an ambulance if you need to and be there for the other driver if they’re hurt. Remember, at the end of the day, we need to look out for each other; it is simply an accident.


There we have it, some ways to claim your rights after being in an accident. Claiming your rights sounds like an extensive drawn-out process, but it’s much simpler than you think. If you believe you were wronged, sustained injuries, and paying expensive medical bills, pursue a lawsuit.

We understand that claiming damages can be life-changing, but the satisfaction you get once justice is served is extraordinary. Remember, the justice system is not against you; it’s there to ensure you get the help you deserve. Take the first step and call your road injury lawyer today.

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