CompTIA 220-1102 Certification New Passing Techniques 

By Sumona

August 16, 2022


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Every day, new possibilities and problems arise in the IT field. 220-1102 (Core 2) CompTIA A+ certification is the advanced level of Core 1­_ 220-1101.

Candidates must have to complete both to earn the certificate. CompTIA­_the manufacturer emphasizes all the necessary technologies and skills to maintain a hybrid workforce. 

Systems, applications, and operational processes are all covered in CompTIA A+ 220-1102. CompTIA focuses on Saas apps, remotely diagnosing troubleshooting problems, advancing core data management technologies, and proper running of several OS systems. The certificate holder knows the best method to resolve every problem without wasting money and time. 

The new version follows current standards and technology for frontline tech support positions to effectively diagnose privacy concerns, from networking to smartphones.

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We are starting with what is CompTIA.

What Is CompTIA?

CompTIA is a computing technology industry association. This a leading provider where it addresses the vendor-neutral IT certifications in the world. About 2 million IT certifications are provided throughout the world. 

This certification is one and only gives the IT professionals to lead the charge. And it also sets up a well-built connection among the digitally connected world. 

Among the 2 million different certifications, this certification is one of the most valuable ones, and they are also pretty popular. Once a developer has this certification, there is so much doubt about his capability and potential.

1. Domains Of Core 2 Exam (220-1102): 

What is CompTIA a+ certification? All you know is this is certification. But what’s new in there?All four of the CompTIA 220-1102 exam domains are covered, including: 

2. The Operating Systems: 

Candidates have familiarity with Windows 10 and how much RAM and processing power each edition has. Snap-ins for the MMC give it much flexibility, allowing it to handle nearly every aspect of the system and user activity, and it also helps to manage devices on the network

Candidates learn how to schedule tasks, control storage devices, and check system performance—using the MMC, understand the access Event Viewer, which shows vital information about the local or remote host with CompTIA.

In this subject, candidates have deep familiarity with a proper set of Microsoft command-line tools for diagnosing or repairing a Windows system. Change the drive and the directory where the directories are stored. 

Use these discs to move files around. System configuration choices can be found in the Control Panel, the system’s “go-to” tool. You will need to know how to enter the Control Panel to change system settings. 

3. Security/Encryption: 

Threats are addressed by the use of recommended settings for browsers. Including everything, user rights to port blocking are discussed. How to keep your browser safe is also discussed.

4. Troubleshooting Software: 

Imaging and restoration have received more attention recently, and new goals are set to cope with applications. 

5. Operation Procedures: 

Take a closer look at how problems are documented and monitored as they are resolved.

We expect to cover the entire issue ticket management process by covering severity, progression, and documentation. App testing in VMs and Sandboxes are more widely covered for the best future in the job after qualifying for the CompTIA.

6. Scheduling And Detail: 

For scheduling your exam, visit Pearson VUE. Testing centers and online testing accommodations are offered. Choose your exam. Each exam lasts 90 minutes. There are 81 questions in all.

English is the launch exam language. 700 are passing marks on a scale of 100 to 900. It is necessary to have nine to twelve months hand on experience in the field. It is also available in German, Portuguese, Japanese, Thai, and Spanish. 


People with CompTIA A+ certifications are known for their problem-solving skills. CompTIA A+ certification is the industry standard for getting started in an IT job in today’s digital age.

Organizations are increasingly focusing on digital transformation, and they must enlist the help of skilled support staff who can ensure successful progression to newer, more complicated technologies while also safeguarding company assets. Jobs that are readily available with a CompTIA A+ are:

In Help Desk Technology or a Desktop Support Expert, Technicians on the field, Customer Service Representative, Assistant Network Engineer, Tech Support Specialist, and junior systems administrator. 

Is The  CompTIA Worth IT?

According to the Dice report, CompTIA is one of the best IT certifications. Most professionals who earn more than $79,500 qualify for this test. This certification proves that the person is eligible for all aspects. 

That means once the candidate qualifies for this one single test. And that is enough for them. There are no requirements for qualifying for any other test.

Final Words: 

In order to help you to prepare for the genuine CompTIA A+ (220-1102) Core 2 exam and ensure your success, Dumpspedia has created a practice exam with questions drawn directly from the exam objectives. This course teaches you 9 skills. Dumpspedia has created sample examinations that include real exam questions and detailed feedback. 

Good Luck!




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