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The Current Digital World is No Longer Good Enough for Brands and Customers

Published on: August 31, 2021

Last Updated on: September 6, 2021

Digital World

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Big data companies, including the formidable monopolies of Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter, have already accustomed us to the fact that they “know everything about us.” However, when you professionally examine the usefulness of a brand’s information about its customers, compared to the conversion ratio to transactions, a considerable gap is revealed with the digital world.

Empowering the digitization processes and recognizing the inconceivable gap between the depth of information and the quality of the conversion is what underlies a dramatic change that relies on deep research and development, producing a perceptual change on the way to groundbreaking solutions for groundbreaking solutions in the digital world.

An article by: Yoram Kraus, a mountaineer, entrepreneur and founder of a company in the AI field

Some Facts About The Common Technological Tools

Users of standard technological tools in the digital world have given up privacy in favor of giant organizations, monopolistic companies. Social networks have sent us a comprehensive tag, along with an attribution group whose customs or hobbies are similar to ours. Each detail is tagged to a group that’s similar to it.

Intelligent devices have accumulated a lot of information and created the illusion that they control the rationale that drives us as customers.

The promise was that factors influencing the consumer’s mood could be measured to create its psychological profile.

The development of the AI world so far has brought promise to create a prediction of the future consumer activity of people and the group to which they belong. The prediction relies on past patterns.

How Are Social Media Controlling The Topic Of Audiences?

How Are Social Media Controlling The Topic Of Audiences?

In practice, the topic of digital world audience targeting is controlled exclusively by Google, Amazon, and Facebook. It happens because we have not yet been able to develop technology that will transfer control to us, the small brands, and the small advertisers. 

The conversion rate in sales will rise miraculously when the brand is able to segment the audience and get to know it well. Building a user profile through the phone by using standard AI tools (intuition and emotion for artificial intelligence systems) without the use of network information takes place behind the scenes.

Brands in the fields of finance, e-commerce, and more will be able to locate an audience of individuals according to the character traits of each individual user and according to their real needs at a given moment and space. 

This is a key to improving the reliability and trustworthiness between the brand and the consumer and vice versa. In other words: the temporary order is the need for precision and perfection of the relationship and cleaning up unnecessary noise in the outdated advertising market.

How The Digital World Is Making Revolution?

The digital world revolution is already here. In a short time, we will lower our complete dependence on the big platforms and transfer their power to the whole society. This will lead to economic stability for the various platforms that are currently having difficulty earning a living and improving conversion rates. 

There will also be a sharp increase in the brand’s reliability, trustworthiness, and serviceability towards the consumer. Concepts of consumer loyalty will also be redesigned.

The digital world AI systems that exist today produce limited and completely flat intelligence. Since there is still no intuitive system that gives capabilities to any platform, we are still dependent on giants. 

When we know the accuracy of the message and the audience, our conversion rates will go up, and the Fake News phenomenon will subside. The built-in conflict of interest will hold, and the market failure will stop.

The New Era Of The Digital World

The New Era Of The Digital World

The new digital world era requires that brands recognize their customers at the individual user level rather than as general segments. In doing so, we will move the analog world into the digital world. 

The user will get a valuable and essential image within the digital space while using artificial intelligence tools that know how to produce personal emotional understanding. The future of advertising and computing lies in the ability to assimilate the evolving tools in every AI, to create tools that will make us feel and give us the best service that best suits us. AI tools that will drive action for the benefit of the consumer.

Understanding the customer’s motives will enable creating a response tailored to the person’s needs in time, space, and alternating occurrences. Thus, we can produce a complete human-machine interaction to the point of understanding the individual user figure in the digital world at all levels, including the totality of understanding and the features that make it up as a single non-statistical personality. This symbolizes a romantic return to the position of the individual.

How Does Digital AI Improve Different Fields?

The use of these digital world insights can lead to the improvement of many areas of life (finance, health, leisure, etc.) both to the individual and the organizations that provide them with the service they require or aspire to. 

The fact that it is possible to provide a service that is customized to the user’s personality will allow a leap in the quality of service while increasing the consumer’s willingness to consume the service, leading to significant investment savings in these issues and great potential for increasing individual readiness or collection of products or services.

The result is the ability to embed the product in IoT and solve challenges that today’s world cannot deal with. In addition, this heralds the establishment of influence capabilities and engineering management of the decision-making processes of both the user and the brand. 

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The ability to access rare and unique raw information through applicative interfaces while bypassing the obstacles and limitations of the information monopoly on social networks and search engines – is a groundbreaking event on any scale. The digital world is making a huge difference in the marketing and AI field, and this concept is the future.

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