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Editing Guide: How to Unlock a PDF File Using PDFBear For Free!

By Mashum Mollah

May 31, 2021

Unlock a PDF File Using PDFBear For Free

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One reserved feature of a Portable Document Format or popularly known as PDF files is usually complicated since it’s not simple to modify or edit through a PDF. As users continue to manage more PDF files, the higher chance of concerns and issues also expands. However, PDFBear is always there to help you fix any document-related problems.

There are numerous grounds on why a person puts a password on their PDF files, given the endless potential of technology these days. And the outcome of operating it without any proper skills and preparation can be risky. So, here are some guides on how to unlock your PDF files effortlessly!

How to Unlock PDF Files:

How to Unlock PDF Files:

Setting up a password to a PDF file may be an essential thing to do, but it’s sometimes challenging to unlock a document for some people. So if you’re optimistic enough that your form doesn’t need protection as it does not carry any personal and crucial data that requires a password, then set up is not a must.

However, if you find yourself in a position that requires unlocking a password, PDFBear’s Unlock PDF online tool is the best solution to fix that dilemma. This specific tool is the ultimate converter tool as it has been the most efficient and reliable amongst the hundreds of available converter tools on the web.

Individuals can have their PDF files be password-free as it has the most accessible feature for password extraction procedures within a few clicks! There is no need to wait for too long as PDFbear’s systems work swiftly and accurately. The first step is to select the file that you want to unlock.

You can also drag and drop the PDF file for a more straightforward method. After uploading, put the current password of your document. Once done, click the “unlock PDF” option and wait for the conversion process to finish. Please wait for a moment before you can download the unlocked PDF file to your device.

Easy Sharing Feature:

If you wish to send or share your converted work to friends or colleagues, you may easily do so with PDFBear’s easy sharing feature. There are plenty of options, but the most favored are via the link and email. If via the connection, copy the shareable link and paste it into the selected online platform of choice.

The said link is only valid for 24hrs. But there is no need to worry as you can always ask for the same link on their website. Suppose you want to send it through email. Click the email tab, and you must put the receiver’s email address on the first tab and your email address on the second box and fill in the necessary data before you press send.

Top-quality Security System:

It’s common to feel unsafe whenever you try to use any converter tool on the internet since it’s hard to trust any online platform as online criminals are rising these days. However, PDFBear’s system has the best security system that will make you at ease anytime you convert documents.

PDFBear has an installation of SSL encryption, a general technology connection that protects your web browser from two programs. It’s guaranteed that all of your confidential information and documents are firmly safeguarded.

This feature is perfect for those who are not comfortable with putting their personal and sensitive information on the web lightly. SSL encrypted also prevents the chance of being hacked, scammed, getting malware and viruses, and all of the malicious intent on the web that can damage your files and details.

On top of that, PDFBear has a particular 60-minute policy in which everything that has been converted and processed on their website will be permanently removed from their system after 60 minutes. Being said that, you will indeed have the peace of mind to sleep at night, understanding you’re on the right track of tools.


There may be numerous online converter tools that can be easily found on the web, but it’s hard to find the most efficient and reliable one. PDFBear is the ultimate converter tool as it provides incredible functional tools and makes sure that its users’ privacy and safety are on the top of the line.

PDFBear values and respects its user’s personal data and files. Moreover, you can always have the best benefits and perks once you subscribe to their premium version. They have a lot to offer if you’re a PRO user.

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