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Top 10 Best Email Marketing Strategies For Your Business In 2022

Published on: April 7, 2022

Last Updated on: May 15, 2024

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According to the statistics, 347 billion emails will be sent every day in 2022. Yet, every day we unsee so many emails that fill up our inboxes with automated email newsletters. Although we may not see them, Marketers have chosen emails as an effective way to promote their brand and products.

Surprisingly, they get up to $42 ROI for each dollar spent on email marketing. With a well-crafted email campaign, you have the possibility of racking up a higher conversion rate and sales for your business. For that, you need an email strategy that works on your behalf.

So, if you want to use this powerful direct marketing mode for your business, I suggest you look for email marketing strategies applicable in 2022. Lucky for you, I have listed the ten best email marketing methods for you. After reading them, you don’t have to look for other solutions elsewhere.

10 Best Email Marketing Strategies For Your Business

Email Marketing

Here are the ten best email marketing strategies you need to use for your business in 2022.

1. Write Catchy Subject Lines

“A Word after a Word after a Word is Power- Margaret Atwood”

I suggest you write only the valuable, powerful, and quality short words on the subject lines. If you want your email marketing campaign strategy to produce results, make the first impression using the bold words that interest your lead.

You can have the best content in your emails, but the first impression made by your subject lines counts big time. They are like the cherry on top of your email marketing campaigns attracting leads.

If you are writing poor subject lines, you cannot expect to read your emails. Also, I suggest you spice things up a little with some emojis.

2. Learn To Be Little Personal

Let your prospective customers know that you are a familiar face without being bland on your email campaigns. 

Make personalized emails for your leads. Sending personalized emails boosts the open and click rates, promoting your business through major conversions.

Use your prospect’s names on the emails, and compose the mail as if it was meant only for your customer. However, I suggest you be on your limits; you don’t want to give out the wrong impression.

3. Intimidate With Thought Leadership Qualities

Please don’t make your email campaigns as if you are banging on a prospect’s doors and forcing them to buy from you. Instead of doing a sales pitch, enlighten your leads with your thought leadership pieces.  

You can share a piece of your knowledge by linking an article you have written on a specific topic in your niche industry. Doing so will make your email campaigns look more credible and valuable.

This action makes your campaign appear to be coming from someone doing more than a business.

4. Choose When To Send Mails

One of the best actions for your email marketing strategies would be choosing the right time for sending your emails. It is obvious that you want more open rates and click-through rates in your campaigns. So, if you want more of those rates on your campaigns, you need to make the right time for sending those emails.

The proper time of sending mails varies according to the type of business. Most businesses in 2022 use automation for their mails which is convenient given the time we are in. I suggest you use email automation tools to monitor the ideal personalized timing for sending prospects.

5. Optimize Your Campaign For Mobile Users

Your emails look fantastic, you have written attractive subject lines, and you have also set the right time for sending the emails. Now, if your prospect cannot open those emails on their phones, all of your email marketing strategies will be for nothing.

Currently, most people use their smartphones to read and send their emails. So, I suggest you optimize the mails for mobile users.

  • You need to create emails with one column.
  • Add a call-to-action button.
  • Make the email easy to tap on.
  • Make the font size bigger and show small images.

6. Segment Your Customers

Segmenting your emails for category-wise leads will help you build engagement, connections, and trust. Build dozens of email sequences for your targeted segments. Since you have already personalized your emails, I suggest you be educational and entertaining throughout your sales pitches. This aspect in your email marketing strategies will help you build better audience engagement.

7. Email Marketing Strategies! Put On The Buyer’s Shoes

The best way to understand your leads is to be in their place and understand their perspective. Once you know their pain points, your email marketing strategies will succeed in boosting engagement. You can start by asking yourself several questions. For instance-

  • How did they subscribe to your site?
  • What is important to them?
  • Can you provide them with something to keep them engaged?

8. Add Images To Your Emails

Using images in your emails is an excellent email marketing strategy to get more clicks on your email campaigns. Images help your leads understand your brand and your objective in the email more efficiently. You can put images intentionally and place them relevantly in your emails.

9. Use The Right Email Marketing Tools

There are many tools for email marketing purposes. These tools will help you to make, build, and optimize your emails for categorized and personalized email campaigns. In addition, there are many such tools to help you perfect your email marketing tools. For instance, you can use Mailchimp, HubSpot, and other such email monitoring tools.

10. Send fewer Emails

It would help if you tried to hold back a little when sending emails to people. There is no need to send the emails to your entire mailing list. Instead, a better email marketing strategy would be sending emails with a targeted set of audiences in mind to improve engagement.


The best email marketing strategy would be updating your strategy from time to time. You may be making a killing using the current strategy; while that may still work for you, you need to develop a new, more updated, and advanced approach. The only way to stay in the competition is not to remain content with your current strategy. Of course, you are free to follow all the email marketing strategies I have mentioned here.

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