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Top 6 Email Marketing Tips To Promote Your Next Concert

Published on: June 2, 2023

Last Updated on: April 27, 2024

Email Marketing

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When you’re about to host a concert, you’re probably busy with numerous things. From stage setup and venue booking to ticket sales, there’s a lot you have to do.

However, one thing that you should really focus on is marketing. Otherwise, you won’t get a large enough audience to really showcase all that effort.

Email marketing is one of the most effective yet underutilized platforms for this purpose. Your concert can also greatly benefit from this medium, as long as you know what to do.

Checkout 6 Best Email Marketing Tips To Promote Your Next Concert

Best Email Marketing Tips

Here are a few tips which can help you promote your concert through email marketing in the best way possible.

1. Create band templates for a monthly newsletter

Make a few band email templates with space for a few text boxes and some images, videos, or gifs. Choose the template from the numerous options on PosterMyWall, and pick one which suits the image and genre of the band. Use this to send out monthly band newsletters to existing and potential fans.

Use this template to send fans updates about the band, its music releases, and upcoming shows. When the concert is rolling around, make that the focus of these email updates.

In addition, add links to the band’s website, social media pages, and ticketing platforms. This will put everything about the band in one place and make it easier for fans. As the concert comes closer, make sure your newsletters build up hype around it, and you let audiences know they’ll miss out if they don’t get tickets. 

2. Segment your email lists

It is important to segment your email lists to get the best out of your email marketing strategies. Take a look at your email recipients and categorize them according to their level of interest. Prioritize past recipients who have regularly been to your concerts. In addition, see if any past customers are inactive or haven’t opened up emails recently. You’ll also have a list of people who are new to the band.

Now that you have these lists, you can draft your emails accordingly. Regulars should get an email that notify them about the upcoming concert and reiterate how much they enjoyed their past experiences, while newer or inactive recipients should get emails with a more convincing tone.

3. Work on your subject lines

Your subject lines are an integral part of your email marketing strategy. A bland or generic subject line will mean that your email won’t even be opened in many cases. Prepare a number of lines in advance and run them through a subject line scorer to test how they’ll do.

As a general rule of thumb, add a sense of urgency in your subject lines, and keep them short and snappy. In addition, adding percentages and relevant numbers to your lines will also make them more effective. For example, you can write things like, the next XYZ concert is just 3 weeks away. Something along these lines will appeal to the reader’s need to know what they might miss, so aim for that.

4. Make email workflows

Email marketing isn’t something you can do on the fly. You need to have your email campaigns prepared in advance, and have them ready to send out to different audiences. So, you need to have a few different sets of emails ready to go. These should include announcement emails, follow-up emails, ticketing confirmations as well as event reminders.

Put all of these emails into workflows, which can run virtually automatically. Set up triggers based on the responses to previous emails, and you’ll be all set to go. 

5. Utilize videos & GIFs to showcase the music

As you’re essentially promoting music, you need to make sure your emails have some snippets of what you’re offering. So, you need to incorporate audiovisual elements in your emails. A live music poster is an excellent way to do this and is quite easy on PosterMyWall.

Add music to these posters from the band, with snippets and teasers of any new songs to be released. These posters can also be used to announce the upcoming concert and published online on other platforms as well.

6. Gauge your metrics

You need to track metrics to really gauge the success of your email marketing campaign. You need to look at email open rates, reading time, and other data to understand whether your campaign works. PosterMyWall’s email marketing tools track a lot of this data for you, so you can understand what you can do better.

When you analyze your data, you can see what to improve in your campaigns. To really compare metrics, you can do A/B testing, and run two different versions of an email to see what works better.

So, there are many ways you can promote your upcoming concert through email marketing. The main thing is to be well-prepared and have things set up on time.

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