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Reasons Why Email Marketing Should Be at the Core of Your Digital Marketing Plan

By Arnab Dey

February 22, 2022

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Everyone is connected to the internet, it seems. Increasingly, people in the modern world rely on digital networks for everything from connection to education to entertainment. In today’s environment, the internet has become an essential element of daily life.

As a result of our increasing reliance on digital technologies, it should come as no surprise that marketers are making significant investments in digital approaches. Forrester predicts that by 2021, $146 million will be spent on digital marketing.

A plan, on the other hand, is essential for digital marketing success. With a plethora of platforms and tools to choose from, marketers must find out how to put together a strong digital strategy that keeps income flowing.

Email marketing should be the foundation of every digital strategy, regardless of the specifics of that approach. First, let’s take a look at some of the other marketing initiatives that make up an internet marketing strategy before we explore why email marketing is so important.

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Using Digital Marketing Techniques To Promote A Business

Email Marketing

An effective digital marketing plan aims to raise brand recognition, attract new clients, keep old ones, and boost profits.

However, while talking about digital marketing, most people are referring to techniques that fall into one of the following categories:

1. The Use Of Online Content To Drive Traffic And Sales

Great content that engages clients at every stage of the purchasing process is essential if you want to be successful online. You’ll need interesting and relevant content for anything from blog posts and how-to manuals to videos and infographics.

2. E-Mail Advertising

An email is a powerful tool for attracting and retaining consumers because it allows you to send them communications that are relevant to their individual interests and needs. If you employ contact segmentation and personalization, your clients will be unable to ignore your messages.

Marketing on the internet using various forms of social media

It’s crucial to have a social media presence that entices clients since your customers utilize social media. Keep fans engaged by announcing new items, posing questions, and holding competitions.

3. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) And Organic Search Results

Organic SEO and paid search can both help people locate your website and the products you sell. A combination of sponsored and organic search initiatives might help you draw clients back to your website.

Adverts In The Digital World

Email Marketing

You’ll likely use digital advertising to acquire new consumers. Your sales funnel may be filled by using Google or Facebook advertising.

Events that take place entirely online. As a result of hosting online events like webinars, you are able to gain a reputation and acquire valuable data. Make it a point to collect personal information from new clients when they join up for your service.

Using any or all of these strategies will help you get new buyers, find new connections, and eventually, raise your company’s financial performance.

What Are The Benefits Of Email?

Despite the advantages of each marketing strategy, email marketing is the one we’d want to focus on right now. Why? With its incomparable return on investment (ROI), email is the king of content marketing mediums.

1. A Digital Strategy Without Email Marketing Is Doomed

Email marketing is frequently cited as the most important digital marketing strategy contributor. So, here’s why:

In terms of ROI, email cannot be beaten. Email marketing is a popular choice for marketers since it is both effective and cost-effective.

2. The Use Of Email Unifies All Of Your Marketing Efforts

Each and every one of your marketing initiatives may be promoted via email. What are you doing to write for your blog? Distribute it to your mailing list through email. Doing a contest on social media or inviting subscribers by email is a good way to get them on board.

Trying to increase the number of visitors to your website? Using a retargeting ad in sponsored search, send a product email to your list of subscribers. As you can see, email is at the heart of every marketing strategy.

In Comparison To Social Media, Email Has The Ability To Establish More Direct Contact With A Larger Number Of People

The number of people using social media is rising. There’s no denying it. In spite of this, email still holds sway. Email is more popular with customers, who use it on a regular basis to stay in touch.

3. Emails Have A Longer Shelf Life Than Social Media Posts

Email is a long-lasting and trustworthy tool to communicate with subscribers. You can reach a lot of people with a Facebook meme or a tweet, but those things have a short shelf life. When it comes to email, things are a little different. Because of its prominent inbox placement, it’s easy to find again.

4. Using Email, You May Communicate With New And Existing Consumers In A Personalised Way

Email automation has made it easier than ever for marketers to tailor their messages to specific audiences. Personalization is much more than just including the name of the recipient in the subject line. Send personalized emails to subscribers based on their work titles and locations as well as other personal information such as their location.

The greatest method to acquire new clients and keep your current ones happy is to use tailored marketing techniques like these. In order to be a successful marketer, it is now necessary to get to know your target audience and deliver messages that are relevant to their needs.

Improved Your Data and Personalization And Shape Your Email Marketing in the Future

  • If you’re a small business owner, you may want to look into email marketing. Here are a few things to keep in mind.
  • Statista predicts that there will be 4.3 billion email subscribers worldwide by 2023.
  • Email marketing initiatives should be more individualized in order to avoid being viewed as spam by most people.
  • It will be critical to use email marketing strategies that mimic the functionality of a website and are compatible with mobile devices.

Without email, it’s difficult to picture a world. As many as 4 billion individuals are predicted to have an email account by 2023, making email one of the most widespread ways of communication in the world. If you have a huge user base, it makes perfect sense to deliver your communications straight to your target audience’s email inboxes.

Even though most companies have some kind of email marketing plan, today’s consumers are typically knowledgeable enough to detect the one-size-fits-all technique that many email marketers employ.

Your email marketing approach should adapt to the evolving nature of the internet and the platforms and standards used to access it.

1. Email marketing will undergo a paradigm shift as a result of advances in AI, machine learning, and cloud computing

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are becoming increasingly important in email marketing, as they are in many other businesses today.

Marketing automation is now a reality because of advancements in both mobile and desktop computing technologies, which allow marketers to target their messaging to specific groups of customers.

2. When it comes to advertising, personalization matters

Regardless of whether your email marketing plan is aimed at individuals or other businesses, customers tend to feel that their unique demands are being satisfied. Think about your own email inbox for a moment.

You’re more inclined to discard or classify as spam an email that looks too promotional or irrelevant to your interests. This is a basic test you should use when building an email marketing campaign.

3. A sale is more likely if the email is engaging

Email marketing experts anticipate that more collaborative emails will take the industry by storm in the next few years. Currently, email services are limited to a certain application or web address.

Depending on who you ask, we may soon see emails that appear and behave like their own small online experiences. Email marketing materials might become gateways to goods with amenities like attractive video content, clickable calls to action, and in-email instant messaging.

4. Email marketing will increasingly feature user-generated content

If a product is recommended by others, customers are more inclined to purchase it. Incorporating user-generated material into your email marketing campaigns is a great way to show that your product is being used and appreciated by real people.

Automated emails asking consumers to post evaluations with images may be a great source of user-generated content (UGC). You may then add these evaluations and photographs in your email correspondences. Free email marketing is a terrific option because you won’t have had to pay for this material.

5. Data security is of the utmost importance

Customers on your email list must have explicitly agreed to receive communications from you in order to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and new guidelines governing email marketing. These alterations are a response to customers’ growing concern over the privacy of their personal data.

Simply saying that your emails are PCI and GDPR compliant is all that is needed to address this issue. Emails should also be sent anytime privacy policies are updated.

In addition to these modifications, there should be an option to unsubscribe from every email. Customers will be able to opt out if they are uncomfortable with the way your company handles their data in this way.

Everything Depends On A Good Email Marketing Platform

If you want to succeed in email marketing in the future, you need the right email software. Personalization, prompting of emails, segmentation, and database management should all be included in the program.

Is There a Way to Solve Email Marketing Issues?

Email Marketing

Using email marketing to promote online businesses is a popular choice for many marketers. However, it isn’t as simple as it appears at first glance. The finest email marketing strategy might be stymied by a variety of obstacles. Instead, of wasting time, let’s go right into what email marketing may do wrong and how to fix it.

Five Most Difficult Issues in Email Marketing:

1. Rates of Deliverability Deterioration

Deliverability is primarily concerned with obtaining and keeping track of proper contact information. Emails sent as part of email marketing initiatives, whether automated or human, may occasionally fail to reach their intended recipients.

In terms of email open and click-through rates, the deliverability rate measures how many emails you’ve sent to your target audience vs how many of those emails make it to their inboxes. In addition, a bounce rate is the percentage of emails that don’t make it into the recipient’s email inbox.

Here are some ideas for increasing the delivery rate:

Keep your mailing list up to date: You may use marketing tools like Salesforce to track audience information and refresh the inactive contacts on your list. Another option is to work with a salesforce marketing cloud expert that can assist you with maintaining your client list.

Make it possible for your clients to update their personal information: When clients have the option of changing information such as their email address, phone number, and other

supplementary information on your website will make it easier for you to maintain your information current.

2. CTRS is a shamble (Click-through Rates)

E-mails with low open rates are a sign that the content is not appealing, or that your website is not receiving the attention it needs. Even if your open rates are fair, they may not be enough to guarantee the success of your email marketing campaign.

Make a point to recognize the difficulty of promoting your products or services and website. A decline in CTRs is a problem that you can solve with these steps.

The easiest way to do this is to create compelling calls to action.

Do you have a slew of call-to-actions on your website or in your email layouts? Send an email to those customers who haven’t completed the payment process. Think beyond the box when it comes to how you might persuade them to complete the transaction you’ve offered them.

You can count on CTAs to drive traffic to your website and increase the number of people who engage with your content. Your CTAs are there to direct your audience toward a certain page on your website or to your desired destination.

3. Mobile Optimization That Is Not Appropriate

Have you ever wondered why your mobile audience isn’t spending as much time with your content as they used to? Mobile devices now account for the vast majority of your target audience, thus it’s a given that your emails should be mobile-friendly as well.

Improved mobile optimization is necessary for your email campaigns to be a success and for customers to have a positive experience.

You must have responsive email designs, optimized photos and videos, and working links in order to overcome this problem. Other helpful hints:

  • Short and sweet is the way to go when writing your content.
  • CTAs should be convincing.
  • Pre-header and topic text should be visually attractive.
  • Pre-header or preview text should be limited to 40 characters at most.
  • Verify your emails on both mobile devices and computers.

4. Retention of Clientele

Most email marketers have a hard time keeping customers. In order to build a strong business, identifying new leads and prospects as well as pruning inactive subscribers is critical for increasing client engagement. Another difficult duty is to keep your existing clients happy.

Inorganic methods like purchasing email addresses are an option, but they may not produce the desired results. This might also result in the loss of your active subscribers. It’s better to keep your current clients and work to improve open rates rather than risk being on the spam list.

You must use buyer personas to guide your email content strategy if you hope to boost client retention and satisfaction. The top salesforce marketing cloud consultant can help you link your content with your target audience’s persona.

They will help you segment your email list depending on the habits and preferences of the people who will be receiving it. Aside from that, they may aid in the creation of content and the maintenance of email lists via cloud-based automation.

5. Spam Complaints Continue To Rising

Is your intended audience complaining a lot about spam? Every email marketer will face this challenge at some point or another. Unsubscribe rates have risen as a result of the lack of relevant material.

Even if your content is interesting and relevant, it may not be enough to entice your readers. Thus, finding a long-term solution to this issue is critical.

Your subscribers should be able to choose their subscriptions and modify their settings. Make it possible for your subscribers and website visitors to choose the frequency at which they get emails, newsletters, and promotional materials.

Your email marketing campaign’s performance will continually improve if you respond quickly to your target audience’s needs and listen carefully to what they have to say.

To Sum It Up

Email marketing is only effective if it is used correctly and strategically. As a marketer, you’ll need to consider a number of obstacles and issues.

Numerous considerations must be made, including ensuring that emails are delivered and creating engaging call-to-actions (CTAs).

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