How to End Coffee Dependency in 2022

Coffee Dependency

Did you have a New Year’s Resolution to cut out coffee dependency in 2022? Or maybe for years, you have been thinking about how it would be nice to not have to depend on coffee to start your day in the morning, and then keep your day going in the afternoon.

You might be thinking to yourself that surely your body was created to survive without coffee, right? I mean there are people out there who don’t depend on coffee. You start thinking about the days when you didn’t get a cup of coffee before starting your daily activities and how you felt so grouchy and exhausted.

However, you tell yourself that today is the day that you will leave your coffee dependency in the past and start a new life without relying on as much caffeine to make it through your day. But then, it happens. The heavy eyes, the pounding headache, and the irritation set in.

You have so many things to do but it’s hard to focus when your body feels out of whack. You’re wondering how people function without it. You can see how the people who never started drinking coffee could make it, but you are wondering how the people who used to drink coffee ended their dependency on “the usual” at the local coffee shop.

It is possible because people have done it. And there are products that can help you wean off of the high caffeine coffee and allow your body to rely on less caffeine to function.

 Side Effects of Caffeine

 Side Effects of Caffeine

Let’s first start off and talk about how for most people caffeine is safe to consume. However, it’s best for you in low and moderate amounts. It has properties that can boost your mood, metabolism, and physical and mental performance.

But when it is consumed at high doses, it can have unpleasant side effects such as restlessness, anxiety, and increased heart rate. Everyone reacts differently to caffeine, and it really does depend on the individual. Some people may experience more negative side effects while some may experience little to none.

Alternative to Coffee 

Maybe you aren’t trying to cut out caffeine entirely. You’re thinking that completely eliminating caffeine is your worst nightmare. In the busyness of life, you can’t possibly think how you would make it without a little shot of caffeine.

There still are benefits to caffeine and how it can help your body feel more energized and motivated to do your necessary daily activities. You might also enjoy a tasty drink in the morning on your way to work or why you are watching your child’s soccer game on a Saturday morning. And a little boost of caffeine for you is perfect to start off your morning right.

There’s a mud wtr review that discusses this same subject of coffee dependency and a way to consume leff caffeine in the morning while still enjoying a tasty drink. There is a natural blend of a drink from MUD\WTR that could be a healthier alternative.

Founder, Shane Heath, spent some time perfecting this drink to benefit the people who want to not depend on coffee anymore to function throughout their days. His goal was not to eliminate caffeine altogether but to find a balance of the right amount of caffeine and blend it with other spices and natural flavors to give people something enjoyable to drink while lessening the amount of caffeine they need to function.

This blend has only 1/7th of the caffeine that coffee does. Its base is a masala chai, mixed with black tea, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, black pepper, nutmeg, cloves, and other spices that can benefit the body. It’s not only here to give you a little boost of caffeine, but provide immune system support with the other blended ingredients.

And one of the best parts, it’s overflowing with natural flavors that can naturally make you feel more alert and energized for your day.

How to Consume MUD\WTR 

How to Consume MUD\WTR 

This formula is a powder that can be added to a variety of different options. The most straightforward and most relatable to the coffee method is just adding a tablespoon to hot water.

However, if you want to get creative, you can add it to a smoothie and blend it with fruits and vegetables, and really jam-pack your morning shake with nutrients.

You can also turn it into a latte. Just add some frothy milk and maybe even a banana to sweeten it up or some cayenne pepper to spice it up for that morning zing! Or maybe you are looking to add it to a snack or your morning breakfast. Try mixing it with granola or even cookies to get some caffeine and spices into an on-the-go snack. This formula can be easier to mix into other options like smoothies or granola than coffee itself.

Benefits of No Coffee

There are people who drink their coffee black, but many people tend to add sweeteners and cream to their coffee, packing on calories and sugar into their coffee that you maybe don’t think about. With this blend being sugar-free, you are not only lessening the amount of caffeine in your body, but you are also limiting sugar intake which can provide many benefits for your body.

Coffee intake can also give you those peak moments of a faster heart rate and restlessness that may make it hard to sit still. With the MUD\WTR blend, you don’t experience those moments, but you feel more of a steady stream of energy throughout your day, allowing you to feel calm and still focus on your work. Many people have even reported they sleep better at night not being so dependent on coffee.

Coffee Independence

Coffee Independence

There still may be from time to time that you enjoy that usual latte from the local coffee shop or that espresso while on vacation. However, not being dependent on coffee could transform your day-to-day. The idea of controlling coffee dependency for someone could be exciting. If you are that someone, maybe trying out an alternative could be the way to go for a better you.

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