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First NewBorn – An Overall Guide For A Month

Published on: June 29, 2022

Last Updated on: March 1, 2024


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First-time parents?


The first 30 days with your newborn. Not only is it the most important part of parenthood, but it is also very tiring because this is the time that your baby will get familiarized with you.

It is scary!

We understand because your baby is so tiny and fragile that you almost think of it as something you always have to protect. If you actually do, you need to protect your baby and also learn the new norms of parenthood.

It is scary! Days and nights might end up searching for things like “How To Change A Baby’s Diaper” or “We Need A Nanny!” But do not worry!

Here is an elaborate guide to everything which will help you take care of a newborn.

Tips for the first thirty days to know your baby!

How To Create A Better Bond

newborn care

Whenever you are looking for ways in which you could bond with your newborn, you steer in this state of confusion. Well, don’t be!

Your baby is yet to grow their cognitive mind, and thus they do not have the right memory to remember you. But, you can make them familiar with your touch.

– Try to give your baby as much bodily contact as you can; try to get them familiarized with your scent.

– Talk to your baby, yes, they won’t understand what you are saying, but they will definitely get used to it.

Bonding in the first few months is a special time for you and the baby, and this wouldn’t come again in a lifetime. So, cherish it!

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Thirty Day Package

Here are things that you should remember when you are taking care of your firstborn in the first thirty days.

1. Always take the hospital’s advice in the first month.

2. Nursing mothers should take care of their bodies as well. To ensure they are eating the right things for themselves and the baby.

3. Nursing mothers can also ask for professional advice.

4. Have lots of water before breastfeeding or baby milk formula feeding, and pee before you sit for the task.

5. Taking shifts at night is the best way to kick exhaustion.

6. Go to bed early and schedule work and sleep according to the baby.

7. You can make the baby sleep on your chest or even co-sleep if they are having

trouble sleeping. This is not the time to think about catching bad habits.

8. Clothes are important. Your newborn has to be comfortable with what they are on.

Whether it is a swaddle or a cute onesie, you can get chris farly baby onesie, which will have comfort with quirky designs.

9. Yes, some lullabies can be soothing for your baby. So you can sing them or play them. No, they are not getting exposed to technology too soon; it is just music.

10. Yes, you are excited to have the baby at home, but you should never touch it without thoroughly washing your hand. Your baby’s immune system is still growing.

11. Warm things will help you more. So, ensure that the apparels and the wiping cloths are warm in nature. The warmth helps you mimic the womb, which makes the baby feel safer.

12. Baths together are a thing. If your infant cannot stop crying even after trying everything else, try to take a warm bath together only after the baby’s umbilical cord stub has fallen.

13. Share the mental load with someone. It could either be your partner, a friend, or the baby’s grandparents. If you are not burned out from all the baby tasks, you will be able to take care of the baby better.

14. Do not take unsolicited advice, and do not let anyone make you feel like a bad mother/father.

15. Try some activities to reconnect with the world as well. You will feel exhausted if you are just taking care of the baby all the time.

Enjoy The Time!

Yes, many will tell you that taking care of an infant is exhausting, and you will resent it after a few days. But, you can always make your own experience exclusive to others. So, try to make your own rules and enjoy your time with the infant.

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